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OUTFRONT’S Bill Murphy Tribute

OOH legend and former longtime OUTFRONT EVP

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Rod Rackley at Circle Graphics and Steve Hilwig, OUTFRONT Media’s EVP of Operations worked on a “tribute project” for OOH legend and former longtime OUTFRONT EVP of Operations, Bill Murphy.
Above is a picture of the tribute canvas presented to Bill and the actual tributes follow. Bill was grateful to hear from his friends and said to tell everyone “hello!” Bill is retired and lives with his wife, Joanne, in Duxbury, WA. Always time well spent remembering those who paved the way in our industry. If you want to drop Bill a note, please reach out to rod@circlegraphicsonline.com for his address

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Bill Murphy Tributes

I met Bill in 1991 when he and Rich Ament promoted me to construction Supervisor for NY Commuter Rail. Bill took me under his wing and gave me the opportunity to manage NY Outdoor in 1994 and then national operations in 1999. Bill also gave me the chance to return after leaving for new opportunities … TWICE! Bill taught me labor relations, managing people and always led by example and forced everyone that worked directly for him to always be accountable and for us to lead by example. I owe my career mainly to him and his wonderful guidance. He was one of a kind and missed by all who really knew him.
Steve Hillwig, EVP Operations, OUTFRONT Media

My first hire at TDI and what a winner it was. The time he almost punched out Wally Kelly. When Magnus went to the hospital and then “took” Murph to Africa to cure him of cancer.

The food fight in Chicago when Murph said, “Boss, I hope we never have to get real jobs!” Bill Murphy, the best ever at what he did!
Bill Apfelbaum

Just hearing Bill’s name brings back all kinds of good memories both of working together and trips and walking down the beach at some of the sales meetings. Bill, please know that all my good thoughts and wishes are with you, and I only have the best memories of our times together
Eric Solomon, EVP Publicis Health Media

Bill -There was never a greater time or a greater team.  You claimed to like dogs best, but we knew better.  With love and lots of nostalgia for the best journey ever…xo jodi
Jodi Senese, Chief Marketing Officer, OUTFRONT Media

Bill, you were a great help in our adventures into digital.  Your humor and experience was also something I always enjoyed.  Be well.
G Todd Lathan, SVP Digital Operations, OUTFRONT Media

I met Bill 35 years ago, over the years he became like a big brother to me.  I have always been in awe of Bill’s smarts, integrity and honor.  While he led one of the largest operations in the OOH industry, he helped many associate companies including ours find their way.  We will forever be grateful for his vision and guidance.  Respectfully, John
John Townsend, Perez Associates, Inc. 

It is hard to put into words the impact that Murph had on me at TDI and beyond. Much of what I think about when I think about Bill is not quite appropriate as a “tribute.” The foundation that allowed me any success in this business was built with the help of a few key people and Murph was among the most important of those. One thing that stands out in my mind was a day after he returned from lung surgery after what, a day? I asked him how in the world were any of the rest of us going to be able to live up to that example. He just smiled and said, “Well, son, we have work to do.” Leadership by example we can all learn something from Murph’s example!!!
Rich Ament, SVP OUTFRONT Media

Bill — With calm self-assurance, a wry smile, and a twinkle in your eye, you made an impossibly complicated job look (almost) easy.
Rich Sauer, EVP/General Counsel, OUTFRONT Media

Bill Murphy may be soft spoken but when he speaks, it is important and people WANT to follow him. The OOH industry-wide effort to move to single sheet posters was almost an impossible order – but Bill led the effort with clarity, wisdom, fairness, transparency, and honesty.  I will never forget his approach to the OAAA board. Many were skeptics before Bill spoke at the meeting requesting approval; they fell in line after Bill’s persuasive presentation. Thank you Bill!
Nancy Fletcher, Former President/CEO OAAA

The first time we met my first thought was “here’s a billboard guy just like me”. Then when we bought our market in NYC, you were so very generous with your knowledge on how to operate in NYC. Without that it would have been an uphill battle. You have always fought for the folks in operations.
Micky Vint, EVP Operations Lamar Advertising 

Bill was the best and toughest in the business! The guy you wanted at the table with you in the really tough negotiations.
Frank Sandusky, Partner Outdoor Media Advisors

I enjoyed working with Bill because of his fairness and candor. Bill was instrumental in leading the billboard industry’s 2008 conversion of posters to single sheet plastic posters after 100 years of wallpapering. Without Bill, this conversion would probably not have happened. Bill left the industry much better than he found it.
Rod Rackley, OOH President, Circle Graphics

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  1. Deirdre Prier Olsen says

    Loved reading these comments. My own experience with Bill was stellar and I’m sure he would not remember me. He helped me upgrade and transfer to a different system for the NYS Lottery digital billboards in the late 90s/early 00s. I was a little kid then! Bill was great to calm the nerves of all involved.

  2. Love this story. Thank you Ms Olsen.

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