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Come on! Be a Part of The OOH Show


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What is Your Presenter Persona?

There are only two days left before the deadline to submit your workshop ideas for the
Geopath/ Out of Home Advertising Association of America #OOH Media Conference and Expo.

They are looking for fun, engaging, challenging, and interesting content. Be a part of the show! 

outofhome advertising media GO2020OOH


Call for Content

We’re looking for out of the box and engaging content to be featured in our breakout sessions at the 2020 Geopath/OAAA Media Conference and Expo!

The submission deadline is Wednesday, January 15th. 

The OOH Media Conference and Expo takes submissions from first-time and experienced speakers alike. If you’ve got expertise that adds value to our community, we’re eager to hear from you!      

Our breakouts run around 30 minutes, but don’t hesitate to pitch something different. Wondering what the GO2020 stage is like? Check out last year’s sessions!

When & Where

The Geopath/OAAA OOH Media Conference and Expo will be hosted April 27-29, 2020 in Phoenix, Arizona.

Who & What

Lovers of endless PowerPoints & Nap by Panels need not apply! We’re seeking engaging and unique presentation formats on content from experts in a variety of fields from creative to planning to operations – and every step in between. Presentations will be between 15 – 30 minutes in length. We want to leave the attendees wanting more.

What is Your Presenter Persona?

We want to know your style of choice. Take a look at the wheel below and enter your selection on the submission form. Do you best identify as:

– a Collaborator, fostering group thinking?

– a Host, gamifying the experience?

– a Teacher, breaking down bigger concepts?

– or an Artist, encouraging visual learning?

Where Does Your Presentation Fit?

In which talk track would your presentation best fit? LEARN, SHARE, SELL, or INSPIRE?


Bring your key points to life and continue the conversation once the presentation has ended. What type of physical takeaway will help the audience remember your message?


Click the button below to submit your desired topic along with a brief session synopsis.  Please paint the picture – how will you bring this topic to life onstage (sans boring slides…)?

call to content

Act Now!

The submission deadline is Wednesday, January 15th. Good luck! 

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