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babbo babbo babbo Plates a Winner

One Large Plate —Spaghetti

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Babbo Italian Eatery, a locally-owned restaurant with 8 Valley locations, serves Italian classics and modern Italian-American cuisine.

Watch how OUTFRONT Studios served up the largest plate of spaghetti ever made in Phoenix, AZ for Babbo Italian EateryOOH Creative Impact

Click on short video below as OUTFRONT Media sets the OOH table with extension.

Comments from Regional VP at OUTFRONT Media, Dave Wood. “The OUTFRONT Studios creative team was eager to work with Babbo to create a design that shared their story and history in a way that raised awareness around their passion for classic Italian cuisine.”  “Our out-of-home assets continue to be great platforms for engaging large audiences on the go. We were ecstatic to help illuminate this local Phoenix treasure.”
Note the attention to detail the back-lighting behind the dinner plate adds to finish the illusion of dimensionality.  It’s a small touch to the billboard which delivers stronger impact to the finished bulletin design. 
Everyone has an Italian-American restaurant in their market. Repeat the Outdoor Advertising winning design.

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