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by Sarah Druhan, OOH Today Journalist

At Agency of the Day TheorySF, every day is a crash course in how to “break all the right rules” of the industry. This San Francisco-based agency’s commitment to creativity can be seen in every corner of their retro-blog style website—and their well-documented need for speed gives them a razor-sharp edge over much of their potential competition.

Founded in 2015, a recurring theme in TheorySF’s colorful array of past work seems to be their attention to detail. During their efforts to rebrand a line of Pure Organic’s fruit bars, this agency’s “Theorists” conducted in-store research and noticed that many customers spent time squinting at the backs of fruit bars to read ingredients. When TheorySF implemented the idea to splash ingredients on the front of the bar in a more casually legible fashion, results were almost immediate: sales shot through the roof, and big-box stores were desperate to get their hands on a bar or two. And during the pandemic, when medical marijuana dispensary Liberty Health Sciences turned to TheorySF for a brand design that would “take people on a much needed journey” without them having to leave the house, the Theorists again knew just what to do. In response they crafted a brand called ‘Uvoya,’ which channeled the idea of a ‘voyage’ as well as themes of space exploration. This celestial revamp was a careful incorporation of every detail that Liberty Health Sciences wanted, and with an elegantly alluring theme to boot—and indeed, their client’s stock jumped 10% the very day the brand was released to Wall Street.

TheorySF’s out-of-this-world work for Uvoya Cannabis.

At the end of the day, TheorySF is a shining example in how to back up a fast-paced work ethic with a wealth of thorough research. It looks like most of their past clients can attest: more than just a theory, this agency’s ability to get results seems to be nothing short of a cold, hard fact.

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