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Top Brands Below Full Price
The recent OOH RFP for Homegoods is believed to have come out of Kinetic LA. The crowd shares two contacts. Full Thread Here>>> 

Saving is a Click Away
Some more intel on Geico from @Ranch Studios: they’ve heard the brand is dropping all of its upfronts (linear and digital) for 2023 until the media review is finished. 2023 plans that may have been a done deal might not be. Full Thread Here>>>

Encountering the ‘No Decision’ Cycle
Sales opportunities often end up with a ‘no decision’ due to a prospect’s lack of response, a delay in buying, or an indecision when they aren’t sure they need your product. For this week’s ‘Poll of the Week’ Q: What % of your opportunities are hitting the dreaded ‘no decision’ category within the last month? 🗳️Cast your vote. Full Thread Here>>>

message for Circle Graphics

Do You Know?
Curious to know who are the main players in Nevada for Health Care or Medicare. Full Thread Here>>>

Does anyone know AOR for HGTV? Full Thread Here>>>
Hello, I am trying to get some OOH information on Little Caesars. Does anybody have a contact to reach out to? Is there an OOH agency that reps them? This is regarding Super Bowl timing. Full Thread Here>>>

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