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Over the past 2 months, Lindmark Ink has expanded its operations, revolutionized the industry by meeting a 24-hour turnaround time from artwork approval, published its rates for transparency, and begun offering free printing of up to 672 square feet with free ground shipping to first time customers.  These big moves have made some big waves in the industry, and advertisers, billboard owners, and agencies alike have been riding these waves straight to Lindmark Ink.

Without naming names, Lindmark Ink has earned business from some of the Big Kahunas in the out of home industry.  Among Lindmark Ink’s new customers, you’ll now find 2 of the Top 10 largest (by face count) billboard owners.  You’ll also find 1 of the largest agency and billboard conglomerates now printing with Lindmark Ink.  These are only 3 of the 25 new customers that Lindmark Ink has earned business from over the past 2 months.

Catch one of the big waves Lindmark Ink has made and ride it on over to enjoy the fastest print turnaround time in the industry.  If you’re a first-time customer, your first print job of up to 672 square feet and standard ground shipping are free.  Once you print 1 advertisement with Lindmark Ink, you’ll see why it’s quickly becoming the hangout for all of the Big Kahunas, and you’ll soon be hanging 10 or more print jobs with Lindmark Ink!

Don’t miss the big wave!  Contact Lindmark Ink today.  Reach out via email to sales@lindmarkink.com or call Aubrey Lindmark at 405-928-5800, extension 162 to take advantage of the fastest print turnaround, transparent pricing, and free vinyl and shipping.

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