Rapport USA OOH Growth

Buying Agency 5 Year Rise Under Mike Cooper


Saluting Rapport USA Celebrating its 5th year!


Mike Cooper, Global President & CEO, Rapport Worldwide, has grown Rapport USA from 6 people to 60,  and OOH billings from $65m to $350m. Rapport is part of IPG Mediabrands.  Mike and team have proactively driven new business, attracting new advertisers to Outdoor Advertising, while building a talented staff and great culture. 

Mike will be the first to tell you he hasn’t done it by himself.  Built with offices in NYC, LA, Chicago, Detroit and Boston and a team deep with OOH veterans like Chris Ferranti, SVP, Managing Director, OOH Today personally knows many of the Rapport members. They are a super talented crew, who also, judging by the photo, are a beautiful family. Congrats Rapport!  



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