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1. OOH Events Calendar Today – September 2022

In our inaugural OOH Events Calendar Today, we’ve compiled a quick list of upcoming events worth having on your radar. If you have an event worth sharing, send it to us.

BB’s Take
September OOH Events are the start of what will be a very busy fall.  Starting with the OAAA OOH Safety Conference in Houston, the DPAA Retail Council Meeting, followed by the IBO Conference in Charlotte, NC and at September’s end the NY Ad Club’s OOH Showdown 2022.  We’ll have the rest of the year in our next Event’s calendar. Check out the exact dates and times along with links to register for the September events with this link —OOH Events Calendar Today – September 2022.  OOH Today will be in Charlotte and the OOH Showdown. See you there!

2. Subway Launches 1st Fully Interactive 3D Billboard

Virtually build your dream Sub on-screen.

BB’s Take
Digital 3D Billboards have been growing in popularity.  The most recent we reported, is of the Subway 3D digital effort shown below. What we have not seen in 3D prior to this Subway execution is a fully interactive opportunity. Virtually building you own sub sandwich on-screen. It’s worth checking out. 

3. Texas Tourism Brought to Life Through AR

Lightbox has partnered with Travel Texas to immerse audiences in various real-world destinations via 360° sights and sounds – from mouth-watering BBQ joints, to vast caverns, to breathtaking mountain vistas.

BB’s Take
The opportunity to enter a virtual portal that immerses one in various real-world destinations via 360° sights and sounds is a relatively new concept to it OOH. Lightbox tackles the challenge of transporting the user to over a dozen Travel Texas locations with interactivity. It’s a new twist for OOH that is entertaining and informational. Limited to malls across the US, as Lighbox says are in ‘high-traffic settings’, we wonder, just how many people are really going to malls? We would love to see some data on the traffic in malls and using the ‘portals’.

4. How to Use a Great Truck Ad to Steal Market Share From Your Competitors

 Check out some of these guerrilla tactics that utilize the unique space of truck ads, they are some of the most unorthodox and spectacular mobile billboards in the industry.

BB’s Take
Movia Media puts it out there on the effectiveness of truck side advertising. As reported by Casey Binkley, Movia CEO, “educating the consumer + entertainment = Attention Acquisition”. OOH Today’s take is the creative has to be outstanding.  One thing we are sure of, is the effectiveness of truckside advertising when the truck can focus in those areas where there is no traditional OOH. We would also advise using multiple trucks for greater reach and frequency. 

5. GSTV Moves into EV Space

Destination Media, which currently operates GSTV, has partnered with Ara Labs, the company building a nationwide network of digital advertising displays, to deploy digital ad experiences at select ChargePoint electric vehicle (EV) charging locations in the U.S.

BB’s Take
GSTV’s parent company Destination Media, is partnering to build a nationwide network of digital displays with EV charging units. When we think of gas station TV there is only one which comes to mind and that’s GSTV. When we think EV Charging digital displays, many come to mind.  A competitive field already? We suggest it is. Is GSTV or Destination Media hedging its bets for the future? Smart move in diversifying its OOH formats. With no defined leader in the EV field and the strong OOH experienced leadership at GSTV with Sean McCaffrey, we believe this space is open for the taking.

6. OOH They Said It Today — Kinetic’s Michael Lieberman

 Michael Lieberman, U.S. CEO, Kinetic, joined Geopath President Dylan Mabin for a fireside chat during Geopath’s resurgent OOH Office Hours webinar this week.

BB’s Take
CEO of Kinetic Worldwide USA, Liberman’s quote, “We’ve been overlooked and under-thought-of as a national-reach player’, is not a quote we necessarily agree with. As the CEO of one of the BIG 5 multi-national agencies, if indeed the statement is true, my question would be, “why are we overlooked’? And what is Liberman, who controls a significant proportion of all OOH dollars, doing to impact a major change in building stronger considerations for OOH? Preaching to the choir via a Geopath fireside chat is not going to get it done. Fellas you have 18 views on the YouTube release of the OOH OH | Fireside Chat. 

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