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Always backing the underdog. Mystic Quarry Campgrounds, Kirby Walls Custom Builders, and Mothers Milk Bank of Austin.
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by Sarah Druhan, OOH Today Journalist

Today for our Agency of the Day, we’ll be looking at the Texas-based Zellmer McConnell Advertising—or ZMc, as they prefer to be known. An interesting blend of hugely global brands and cozy local ones, ZMc combines a solid amount of OOH know-how with a constant spirit of imaginative fun. Today, we’ll find out why ZMc is truly an agency like no other.

The Basics: ZMc Advertising has been holding down the OOH fort in Austin, Texas for almost ten years now. They are recipients of honors including the Kelly and Clio Awards, and use their small employee size (under 10) to foster connections and close relationships with every one of their clients. They pride themselves on the neat blend of local, regional, and national brands they’ve served over the years, as well as on their solidly full-service status. While ZMc has an extensive Out-of-Home portfolio, they also have experience in designing logos, websites, and social media campaigns.

Clients: ZMc is proud to have worked with brands as colossal as Apple, Southwest Airlines, and AT&T in the past. Nowadays, they’re focused on offering that experience up to smaller-sized clients who are looking for a more personal, hand-made approach to their campaign. ZMc’s past work has enabled them to equip every campaign with a solid budget and with high-quality creative ideas to boot. Recent clients include the Mystic Quarry Campgrounds, Kirby Walls Custom Builders, and Mothers Milk Bank of Austin.

ZMc’s bus ad for Mothers’ Milk Bank at Austin.

Campaign Standout: When it comes to standing out, one certain campaign of ZMc’s seemed to have that exact goal in mind. The Mothers’ Milk Bank at Austin knew that in order to increase the amount, breast milk donations for premature infants, they needed an advertising gambit that was bold, bright, and guaranteed to get potential donors’ attention.

And that’s exactly what ZMc whipped up. Sprinkling billboards, print ads, and bus ads all over the city of Austin, this agency crafted a loud and proud campaign that wasted no time beating around the bush. With a brilliant red and white color scheme and a slogan that they knew would get attention, ZMc not only created a campaign for the books. They also perfectly understood and anticipated their client’s needs, exceeding expectations to a T.

The Bottom Line: ZMc was built on the idea that every brand deserves time in the spotlight. They love nothing more than an underdog, and after almost a decade of fighting the fight, they know what it takes to get you to top dog.

But this agency isn’t always about fighting battles. They’re open, friendly, and they thrive on forging personal connections. They know that running an advertising agency takes a good sense of humor as well as some serious creative chops—and so with every campaign you work with them, a little bit of fun isn’t just a side benefit. It’s a promise, and the little bit of zest that every customer likes to see in a campaign.

To hear more about ZMc and their work, visit their website here.

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