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by Sarah Druhan, OOH Today Journalist

We’ve spent a few weeks now on smaller Agencies of the Day. Today, we’ll be taking on a slightly bigger scope—learning what the influence of a larger agency can get you, as well as the benefits of working with an organization that’s been in the game for about three decades now. Today, our Agency of the Day is the one and only Sid Lee.

The Basics: While their biggest ‘home base’ is their office in Montreal, Quebec, Sid Lee combines its additional offices in Toronto, New York, London, Paris, Seattle, and Los Angeles to all work “as one.” With over 650 employees on LinkedIn, rest assured that this ‘one’ body is made up of many moving parts. Sid Lee’s practically limitless reach as a deeply global advertising agency gives their clients a broad swathe of influence, as well as equips them with specific knowledge on how to tailor campaigns to several different demographics.

Clients: Past clients of Sid Lee’s include Dos Equis, Cheekbone Beauty, the Belong Effect, The North Face, Alaska Airlines, Gerber, and practically countless. They’ve been everywhere, and they’ve seen everything.

Sid Lee’s billboard for their Starbucks #MorningYes campaign.

Campaign Standout: Sunny, simple, and cheerfully presented, Sid Lee’s #MorningYes campaign for Starbucks may be some of their most underrated work.

For this project, Sid Lee combined the idea of a solid emotional drive with an inspiration for people to get out there and conquer their day—all with a steaming latte or fresh cup of tea from Starbucks in hand. While spreading this campaign all throughout their home country of Canada, Sid Lee knew that, as always, they wanted to do more than the bare minimum. They hired producers, musicians, and neuroscientists to work at all levels of this multi-tiered campaign, providing feedback on their work as well as constructing an original piece of music that promoted motivation, positivity, and a go-getter attitude. All things considered, this campaign was not only a masterclass in advertising at many levels. It was the very embodiment of a ‘good morning.’

The Bottom Line: Sid Lee’s influence stretches far and wide, ensuring their clients a comfortable spot on the market pretty much anywhere they desire. Not only that, but this year marks their thirtieth year as one of the biggest names in advertising—and for good reason. Repeat clients like The North Face and SKYN emphasize how Sid Lee has that special something that brands want to keep coming back for, again and again.

Want to find out what it is? Be our guest. Once you work with Sid Lee, you’ll know all the benefits of a big agency—and understand all the personality that comes through campaigns when the people running them are passionate.

To find out more about Sid Lee, click here.

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