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All the benefits of a big agency, none of the baggage.

by Sarah Druhan, OOH Today Journalist

Hydrogen. The first element on the periodic table, and often the easiest to remember. It’s also (fun fact), of all the elements, the lightest in weight.

But while it may seem casual and effortless at first glance, it also has the potential to be quite combustible. In other words, it’s just like our Agency of the Day, Hydrogen Advertising—taking on clients with a fluid grace and dealing out colorful explosions of creativity, all under one roof.

While Hydrogen may be named after the element that powers our sun, this Seattle-based agency considers themselves experts at making the complex look simple. Every campaign at Hydrogen gets slimmed down to three basic yet cutting-edge concepts: Strategy, Creative, and Marketing Plan. The Hydrogen team follows these three stepping stones to a destination of good publicity and guaranteed results. The company’s focus on health care, technology, financial, built environment and retail industries gives them a strong background in each of these spheres that allows them to carry out this solid plan to a T.

Take a look at their work for Keysight Technologies’ 5G Leadership Campaign, for instance, or their work for Polyclinic, a group of healthcare facilities in Seattle. By distributing their glossy and simply sleek print ads for the Keysight campaign all around the world, Hydrogen was able to get over 10,000,000 eyes on their client’s prize. And by wrapping light rail trams all over Seattle in their brightly colored yet deceptively simple transit ads, they were able to kick a significant spike into Polyclinic’s specialty appointment requests, earning Polyclinic a reputation that they thought was “current, fresh, and relevant.”

Hydrogen’s work for Polyclinic takes Seattle transit by storm.

At the end of the day, the team at Hydrogen Advertising seems to have one goal: to keep their brands from sinking into the “sea of sameness.” And luckily for their clients, it looks like this promise is one the agency can and will deliver. President Mary Knight’s work for Group Health Cooperative, a now-closed healthcare system, appeared twice in The Seattle Times for its immense popularity with Seattle residents. The agency’s work has additionally been featured in the Communication Arts magazine, as well as snagged a well-earned OBIE for outdoor effectiveness. Boasting all the benefits of a big agency without any of the distracting baggage, it seems that just like its namesake’s periodic table position, Hydrogen is the first on everyone’s list.

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