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Coordination and Consistency above all

by Sarah Druhan, OOH Today Journalist

Today’s Agency of the Day is efficient, confident in its identity, and shows no signs of stopping any time soon. It boasts a wide variety of resources at its disposal, as well as a key location in one of OOH’s biggest regions.

Any of this sound interesting to you? You might want to keep reading. This is Davis Advertising.

The Basics: Davis Advertising is one of New England’s largest agencies, as well as one of the area’s fastest-growing agencies. It was founded in 1948 and packs an impressive amount of in-house services under its roof, from copywriting to graphic design to media buying. An official partner of Google, Davis has also repeatedly been named the #1 Top Advertising & PR Firm in the region by the Worcester Business Journal’s Book of Lists.

With a location of Worcester, MA, Davis Advertising is at the perfect vantage point to serve any customers in New England and across the US. Its 14,000 square-foot building is home to several photography studios, conference rooms, and a multipurpose training room. It is sized at almost 40 employees in total.

Clients: Davis Advertising’s past (and likely future) client roster includes Good as Gold Coffee Roasters, Charlton Furniture, the Hotel Northampton, the Central Massachusetts Convention and Visitors Bureau. They seem to welcome brands from any and all fields. Whether it’s financial, B2B, healthcare, retail, higher education, or nonprofit: you name it, Davis has done it.

Davis’s print ads for Coastal Heritage Bank flawlessly embodied their campaign goals.

Campaign Standout: Out of all their OOH materials, Davis’s work with the Massachusetts Coastal Heritage Bank was likely where their in-house photography studios came most in handy. Davis’s goal was to depict the newly formed bank as a fresh and exciting organization while still tying it to an idea of tradition. The photos on their print ads speak for themselves: highlighting historic New England imagery of lighthouses, shores, and scenic autumn leaves, while also emphasizing a feeling of excitement through vivid pops of color. In other words, this campaign brings everything special about this region to a crisp, roaring life—which is exactly the feeling Coastal Heritage Bank wanted to communicate. Here, Davis combines the advantage of their own studios with a sharp ability to cut right to the heart of a campaign.

The Bottom Line: Seeing as they work on so many levels, the Davis team is all about synchronization. They believe that a killer billboard on its own is all well and good—but if it doesn’t coordinate with all the other parts of a campaign, then it’s essentially useless. Good brand messages have many good individual parts. But great brand messages are the ones that can really and truly come together.

To Davis, brands are like people: multi-faceted, and each with its own distinct personality. And similarly to people, introducing a brand that people will like is simple enough. As long as a brand is confident in its identity and faithful to its mission across the campaign, you’ll find nothing but success.

At Davis, a campaign is not something broken into many pieces. Rather, all of its pieces meld into one fluid, efficient machine that streamlines the same message everywhere it goes—and does it flawlessly. For those looking for an agency that promotes integration and consistency all else, you might just have found your luck in this Agency of the Day.

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