Cohoot —The Real OOH Insider Information For OOH Sales People Only

Cohoot —The Real OOH Insider Information For OOH Sales People Only


Cohoot is the anonymous forum for media salespeople. Thousands of sellers gather on Cohoot’s dedicated OOH channel to share inside info about advertisers and agencies.

Let’s jump in and discover the hottest topics from the week here …

One of Our Own Called This
So Quibi is moving to Universal McCann, according to Mediapost … good call by Mint Feel in a past post. Full Thread Here>>>

Blink and They Have a New Agency
TikTok is on the move again. Now to Publicis Group. This is – what – the third agency they’ve worked with in the last three years? Check this thread for contacts at the new AOR. Full Thread Here>>>

Who Else is Testing a Wrapify Campaign?
Our Cohort @Sample Jump posted about Boost by Wrapify, doing a pilot to test counting phones in proximity to mobile trucks. The trucks are not parked at an event but on the streets. Anyone participating? Full Thread Here>>>

Lead Wall
Cohort @Rights Skal stopped in to say if any of your brands or clients are looking forward to executing campaigns in India, please feel free to connect. Full Thread Here>>>

@Swing Enabled has asked for a marketing contact for PA Universities and Colleges. Any help? Full Thread Here>>>

Still Drew Attention To Billboards, So There’s That
Television weirdo Steve O of Jackass fame lived up to his name last week and duct-taped himself to a billboard in Hollywood to promote his new comedy special, called Gnarly. He live streamed it too, to maximize exposure. What did you think of the stunt? Full Thread Here>>>

Transportation in a New Market
Newly working on assets in the Bay Area – can anyone share what agencies may regularly or historically plan, buy, and send RFPs for SF DMA? Besides the usual buying agencies. Check the thread for useful intel. Full Thread Here>>>

Sales Strategy
Hearing from Cohort @Makes Fun, asking about strategies in selling outdoor right now. “My market is on the struggle bus.” Can you relate? Full Thread Here>>>

We have a message from @Grass Basil. “I could use a little advice. I have been selling static place-based OOH media programs. Recently we acquired a network of eye-level digital displays in three U.S. airports. Is it the same people buying this or do I need to do a little pivoting?” Can you help with some advice? Full Thread Here>>>

Can You Help with These Questions?

Who’s got the correct email address for Travis Freeman at Uber? Full Thread Here>>>

Who is the OOH agency for Southern California Chevrolet? Full Thread Here>>>

Does anyone have media information contacts for OOH for AAA Insurance Michigan? Full Thread Here>>>








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