5 Takeaways from Day 1 of the DPAA Summit

Technology ... with a Twist
a message for DPAA Summit 2021


by Katrina Scanlan, Content Strategist

The main message from day one of the DPAA Global Digital Out of Home 2021 Summit was technology … with a twist.
Here’s our top 5 takeaways from the summit (in case you didn’t have three hours to spare on a Thursday afternoon).

5. People, Not Targets

The surge of screen fatigue has created a tremendous opportunity to use data to create smart, consumer-centric experiences in the out-of-home world as people get tired of staring down and start looking up, according to L’Oréal’s SVP of Media Shenan Reed. But you have to be careful, Reed warned. Using data to target down to a granular level can ultimately be very limiting. “You would think, as L’Oréal, that my consumer is a beauty consumer and a woman … but … I’m really looking to reach every consumer who’s interested and passionate about my product, no matter how they identify,” Reed said.

Reed challenged folks in the media community to elevate the consumer experience by treating consumers like people, not targets. When done well, advertising can be a service to the consumer. “We’re not driving them through the funnel, we’re escorting them,” Reed said.

4. “Yes, QR codes and mom jeans are back this year.”

Marinn Jackson, Head of Premium Ad Sales & Strategy at Yahoo

3. #HoldMyMilk

Milk doesn’t sound all that exciting, but the folks at MilkPEP and GALE Partners were able to moo-ve the needle with an innovative, interactive campaign that involved a rock wall, a skyscraper, TikTok and a hashtag.

MilkPEP CEO Yin Woon Rani took us through the challenge of changing the perception of milk and targeting the social media generation. Earlier this year, MilkPEP installed a climbing wall on top of a skyscraper in Kansas City, Missouri, and filmed pro climber Kai Lightner downing some milk before tackling the wall. Then, the video and a #holdmymilk challenge was shared on TikTok, calling on the community to take a sip before doing something awesome. The result? One of the most-viewed challenges on TikTok with 14.6 billion views. That’s OOH, with a twist, according to Rani. Snag a sneak a peek behind the wall.

2. Tissue Triggers

Kleenex brand managers Will Dunn and Julia Hartono highlighted a successful data-triggered ad campaign executed during last year’s cold and flu season. Using billboards, street furniture and digital screens near urgent care facilities and pharmacies, Kleenex targeted consumers across DMAs experiencing cold and flu signals. This enabled the brand to activate and shift ads dynamically based on cold and flu data triggers, leading to highly qualified impressions that maximized their investment. Using Quotient, Kleenex was able to draw a connection between exposed consumers and actual purchases through store loyalty cards and reported an $18.33 return-on-ad-spend. “That’s huge,” exclaimed Dunn. “We don’t get that in a lot of other channels that directly.”

1. Resilience, Reinvention, Revitalization

In a nod to the summit’s theme of reinvention, DPAA President Barry Frey shared his attempt at surfing … with a twist.

Day 2 of the DPAA Summit starts at 11 am ET on Friday.

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