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AllOver Media —OOH Owner Today

Out-of-home advertising solutions

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OOH Owner Today— AllOver Media
Out-of-home advertising solutions



by Will Farmer
OOH Today
Media and Communications Manager



AllOver Media seamlessly weaves relevant brand messages into the daily lives of engaged consumers. Founded in 2002, they are the largest alternative out-of-home advertising company in the U.S. They deliver unrivaled national coverage and precise targeting to provide solutions wherever their partners need them.

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They work with a wide range of clients from Fortune 500 companies to regional and local organizations. Their suite of advertising products includes convenience store and gas station advertising, truck side and transit advertising, indoor advertising, wallscapes, door hangers and more.

More than ever, brands need a way to get their message out to consumers in a memorable and compelling way. Imagine reaching people throughout their day in ways that can add to their experience instead of just interrupting it. AllOver’s imaginative ad products disrupt the noise outside the home, weaving your message throughout your customer’s day in unexpected ways.  Across the country, around the corner.

We spoke to Jeff Griffing, AllOver Media’s CEO. He spoke on AllOver Media’s goals moving forward, as well as what motivates him and his team. Here’s what he had to say:

Interview with Jeff Griffing, CEO of AllOver Media




Will Farmer: After being in the OOH industry for 20 years, what is it that still motivates the employees at AllOver Media?

Jeff Griffing: There is an incredible sense of pride when it comes to the team at AllOver, and it comes from being the original and most trusted multi-product OOH company in the US.  There have always been small startup OOH companies that pop up and win a few customers because they make big promises with cheap prices, but inevitably they don’t last because they underestimate the coordination it takes to orchestrate campaigns, or they just simply never planned on fully delivering on what they promised to begin with.  AllOver Media built its reputation over two decades by delivering verified, complex programs across a variety of products and markets with organizations like the FDA, CDC, GMC, Burger King, Home Depot, AB Inbev, Molson Coors, HBO, to name a few.  Our daily cause is to make people that buy from us look good.      

WF: As the original multi-product OOH company, how do you position yourselves to the industry and with customers?

JG: We feel responsibility to continually educate advertisers about the importance of professional OOH in a marketing plan.  Our social media platform content was recently recognized as one of the best in the industry because we’re continually sharing OOH insights, while trying to help marketers avoid common OOH pitfalls.  It goes back to the pride our team has about being OOH industry promoters, while also being watchdogs and promoting both professional and ethical business practices. 

WF: With everything that’s going on in the world, what is that marketers seem to be looking for when they talk with your team about upcoming initiatives?

JG: The common thread seems to be that they want the AllOver Media meat and potatoes that has driven results in the past (ie. convenience stores, trucks, bar media, and wallscapes) but they also want some impactful alternatives (youth sports, ski resorts, pizza boxes, hand paints, and custom activations).  Above all, marketers continually tell us they appreciate the fact that when they ask us to activate in 10 or 20 different markets, they know that they will actually get what they paid for in every market.

WF: As you think of OOH over the next few years, how does AllOver Media fit in?

JG: That’s an exciting question.  First, our dominance in convenience store partnerships will continue.  We’ve averaged ad placements in over 30,000 c-stores a year over the last several years and we are continually getting requests from c-store groups to add them to our program.  The 24/7 SOV that our pump-top program offers is a powerful tool for advertisers in any market.  We’re also now in the EV Charging space, which gives us an interesting perspective for marketers looking to assimilate their brands with the earth friendly conversion to electric power over the next 15 years.  In addition, as more and more states open up from Covid restrictions, we’re in a perfect position to help advertises with our exclusive static and digital network of bars and restaurants across the country.  The last thing I’ll add is that we’ve gotten inundated with requests for family and youth-oriented opportunities, so we now have an exclusive network of over 16,000 youth sports fields in the top 50 markets which is available for youth spring, summer, and fall sports this year. 


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