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Alfi’s 10,000 Digital Tablets to Uber’s and Lyft’s in 14 Cities in the US

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To Keep Up with Alfi, All-Niter Expands Business Ops

MIAMI BEACH, FL Alfi, Inc. (Nasdaq:ALF) (“Alfi” or “the Company”), an AI enterprise SaaS platform company, announced on June 15 of this year that it had inked an agreement with All-Niter for the fulfillment, staging, and shipment of the first 10,000 digital tablets to Uber’s and Lyft’s in 14 Cities across the United States.

Since the initial All-Niter announcement in June, Alfi has ramped up its tablet deployment strategy to accommodate its integration with Programmatic Advertising Platforms. Alfi has ramped up its requirements so much that All-Niter has had to increase its capabilities to match the new Alfi demands.

Mario Radillo, the president of All-Niter, said that to match Alfi’s quickly expanding pace, they have added 48 new 3D printers and expanded into an additional 5000 sf of space for fabrication, staging, and logistics. All-Niter has also added a second shift, which required the addition of 8 new skilled employees.

Mario states that All-Niter is currently looking for additional space for continued expansion. “We know that Alfi has acquired a significant number of tablets to put into production over the next twelve months, and we want to get ahead of the coming increase in weekly production requirements.

“All-Niter has been the perfect fabrication and logistics partner for Alfi. They are eager to work to meet our needs, and they are not afraid of expanding to make that happen!” Said Paul Pereira CEO. As a result, Alfi is currently shipping privacy-centered, AI-based tablets for installation and use in Ubers and Lyfts in 14 cities.

About Alfi Inc.
Alfi, Inc. provides solutions that bring transparency and accountability to the digital out of home advertising marketplace. Since 2018, Alfi, Inc. has been developing its artificial intelligence advertising platform to deliver targeted advertising in an ethical and privacy-conscious manner. For more information, please visit: https://www.getalfi.com

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