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Airport Advertising Why It Works

Journey Through an Airport

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credit unknown source
credit unknown source
The Journey through an airport and airport advertising.
  1. Taps into open and excited passengers
  2. Delivers an airport audience with minimal waste
  3. Reaches key influential decision makers when in business mood
  4. Is proven to use the unique airport context to add ‘perceived brand value’
  5. Connects with alert consumers in a unique environment and mind-set
  6. Engages passengers through a lengthy period of dwell time
  7. Provides a welcome and unavoidable distraction to a captive audience
  8. Displayed on a variety of digital & static sites that compliment passenger mind-sets and ad budgets
  9. Has been shown in numerous case studies to drive sales in airport retailers
  10. Viewed by a desirable audience predicted to grow significantly.

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