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A Family of Santa’s 

“You need to believe if you want to receive”

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A Family of Santa’s

My Uncle Gale was quite an odd sight

He had a passion for a dark Christmas night

His custom plates blazoned, HO HO HO

Spreading joy on his journey wherever he’d go

He donned a velvet suit with a passion of glee

And a large silver buckle on his prosthetic belly

He’d take off the month at the end of the year

To spread festive laughter and holiday cheer

Visiting nursing homes and a shelter or two

In his custom-made Santa suit of dark reddish hue

At conventions, he’d learn the latest of trends

To keep up with the Santa trade and all its ends

The Christmas cheer and happiness he’d bring

Would echo in the hearts of all he’d sing

He taught us to never lose faith on that holiday eve

“You need to believe if you want to receive”

Now his old Santa wardrobes, his son and nephew do share

Carrying on the family tradition with the same St Nicolas flair

Spreading cheer and mirth in his fur-lined outfit

It takes a passion of joy one has to admit

Gale Harter 4/25/28 – 10/19/15

FotoFetch wishes everyone a Wonderful Holiday
Take lots of photos

by Steve Lind, Chief Evangelist
425-749-4434 ext. 104
206-409-2647 Cell



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  1. gb says

    Well done Steveo! Happy Holidays to you!