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51 OOH Moves

3 Free Agents, an OOH Acquisition and 47 Moves

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Todd Glick



As the Outdoor Advertising Industry moves, OOH Today keeps you up to date with a summary report, every Friday.  All the moves in Brands, Agency, OOH planning and buying services, new hires, promotions, OOH Providers and Sellers. Starting with Free Agents.

All the Global personnel transitions of the 3 OOH companies they purchased.
And scroll to the bottom for an OOH Acquisition.
51 total this week! Here’s your weekly score card.
The latest #OOH related changes.

Busy week with  Moves. If you are up for promotion or new position NOW is the time!

Do you have Industry info to share? Email your promotions, new hires, changes, departures, leads, questions, comments or tips to: BillBoard@OOHToday.com  Complete anonymity guaranteed.



OOH People Moves


Moving —Free Agents

Todd Glick


Todd Glick, 
Free Agent, formally National Account Manager at CMS Consulting Group, Inc. 5 yrs with CMS.  8+ yrs VP, AMD at Zenith. NYC





Patrick Frawley


Patrick Frawley,
Free Agent, recently departing after 15+ years with Adams Outdoor, as Corporate Organizational Specialist.  Previously Program Director for Clear Channel Communications. Madison, WI




Lesley Miller


Lesley Miller,
Free Agent, leaving
Kinetic Worldwide as Specialist, Lively Production. Six years in NYC with Kinetic WW and another 18 years with various Media related corporations.




Moving Up —Promoted


Shaleena Cabral







Denise Mercado


Congratulate Denise Mercado, PROMOTED, as Regional Director at Billups





Kyle Harris


Congratulate Kyle Harris, PROMOTED, as Southern Region Channel Account Executive at Daktronics





Troy McEldowney
Congratulate Troy McEldowney for being PROMOTED to General Manager at Reagan Outdoor Advertising







Kaley Kenyon







Devin Nugent

Congratulate Devin Nugent for being PROMOTED to Supervisor, Strategic Planning at Media Storm







Emily Nelson


Congratulate Emily Nelson, PROMOTED  as VP of Sales Operations at Brooklyn Outdoor






Megan Schmidt

Megan Schmidt, PROMOTED to new position as Associate Media Director at PHD





Pat O'Hagan

Congratulate Pat O’Hagan,  for being PROMOTED To Account Executive at New Tradition






Marc Bartholomew
Congratulate Marc Bartholomew, PROMOTED as VP Group Director at Posterscope







Moving In—HIRED


Jared Johnson


Congratulate Jared Johnson, HIRED as Director Of Business Development, Digital OOH at Media Resources Inc.







Jamee Jurecki,
HIREDStrategic Account Executive, Inwindow Outdoor

Previous-  Ad Planning Manager, USA Today Networks




Paige Snively


Congratulate Paige Snively, HIRED, as Senior Marketing Coordinator at PepsiCo






Nancy Rigby


Congratulate Nancy Rigby, HIRED as Senior Account Executive at Clear Channel Outdoor Global






Amy Stettler


Amy Stettler,
for starting a new position as VP, Media at SmileDirectClub. Nashville.






Richard Simkins


Congratulate Richard Simkins, HIRED as Creative Solutions Director – Outdoor at Global






Laura Barker


Congratulate Laura Barker,  HIRED, a new position as Account Manager at Global. Manchester, UK






Holly Petrie


Congratulate Holly Petrie, HIRED, as Account Manager at Global






Jonni-Renee Mahoney


Congratulate Jonni-Renee Mahoney for starting a new position as Managing Director/Director Of Operations at Citizen Home Solutions











Sue-Ellen Guzman


Congratulate Sue-Ellen Guzman,  HIRED, as Operations/Sales at Encompass Media Group





Kate Judge
Congratulate Kate Judge for starting a new position as Brand Sales Director at SpokenLayer












Norm Chait, HIRED, Head of Practice, OOH Solutions at Ubimo







Bethany Thomas


Congratulate Bethany Thomas, HIRED, as Account Manager at Brown Parker & DeMarinis Advertising





Sarah Donley

Sarah Donley, Congratulate Sarah, HIRED, as Media Coordinator at Catalyst Outdoor Advertising, LLC







Steven Bresgall







Helen Greenhalgh

Helen Greenhalgh, Congratulate Helen, HIRED, as Outdoor Media Manager at Global






Killian Barrins

Killian Barrins,
HIRED, Head of Ventures at Global. London







Amanda Onorato Jenkins

Amanda Onorato Jenkins,
HIRED. Congratulate Amanda Onorato for starting a new position as Account Relationship Manager at Edmunds












Grace Sarosdy


Congratulate Grace Sarosdy, HIRED, as Client Services Account Manager at Merkle






Scott Allan







Jason Cotterrell


Congratulate Jason Cotterrell, HIRED as Chief Operating Officer – Outdoor at Global







Tanya White


Congratulate Tanya White, HIRED, as International/Airport Team Lead at Global







Sam Berry

Sam Berry, HIRED, as Key Account Manager at Global







Nicola Olivestone


Congratulate Nicola Olivestone, HIRED, as Account Manager at Global






Geoff Peckham
Congratulate Geoff Peckham, HIRED, as Account Manager at Monster Lead Group








Emma Brett
Congratulate Emma Brett,  HIRED, as Research Manager at Global







Brahm Heyman


Congratulate Brahm Heyman, HIRED, as Manager, Enterprise/Strategic Sales at Highspot






Dennis Fay


Congratulate Dennis Fay, HIRED, for a new position as Director, Strategic Sourcing at NFI





Lee McFaul
Congratulate Lee McFaul, HIRED, as Account Manager at Global












Sam Johnson


Congratulate Sam Johnson, HIRED, as Data Planning Manager at Global






Steve Hawker


Congratulate Steve Hawker, HIRED, as Director of Commercial Marketing & Design at Global






Adolfo J Barreto
Congratulate Adolfo J Barreto, HIRED, additional position as Software Engineer, Contractor at ElsaRx.org







Gheran King


Congratulate Gheran King for starting an additional position as Field Marketing Manager (Cirque du Soleil-Corteo) at Eat it Up Media





OOH Owners

Mergers and Acquisitions

Becker Boards | Outdoor digital, static, wallscape billboard advertising Phoenix, Arizona, San Franciso, California, Miami, Florida

Becker Boards has purchased certain assets of Relay Outdoor. Becker owns billboard plants in Phoenix, Los Angeles, Miami and San Francisco.






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