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3 Keys to Understanding Small Army’s Success—OOH Agency Today

A quick look at what has kept this Agency of the Day running strong since 2002.

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OOH Agency Today

3 Keys to Understanding Small Army’s Success

by Sarah Druhan, OOH TODAY Journalist

Key #1: Heart. The people at Small Army aren’t big fans of the surface-level. They know that to really get across a client’s message, cutting corners isn’t an option—you’ve got to dive right into a brand’s innermost core to find what they call “the moral of the story.” Whether it’s applying the idea of a “passion for life” to their campaign for Reebok or centering their campaign for a homemade BBQ sauce around its creator’s cheeky sense of humor, Small Army are experts in finding and exposing a brand’s real soul. They believe that employing these “core truths” taps into many of the universal beliefs we all share—uniting their clients and audiences and giving a newmeaning to the phrase ‘one heart.’

Key #2: Variety. Because Small Army believes so hard in this idea of core truths resonating, they like to bring their storytelling skills to as many tables as possible. From public radio to barbecue sauce, cybersecurity to mammogram machines, this agency maintains that a diverse array of work is the best way to stay on your toes. Never content with just one sphere, Small Army is always interested in keeping things fresh. So no matter what kind of campaign you’ve got in mind, you might as well throw it their way. Whatever it is, they’ll likely want to listen.

Key #3: Story. No prizes to whoever guessed it. The third key term to understanding the Small Army agency is ‘Story,’ and the reason why is very simple. They believe that a good story can transcend any snappy catchphrase or tagline that any old campaign can whip up. Not only are they of the opinion that stories are what hold our world together and what most “[stirs] action” in people, but they also think storytelling is one of the best ways to build relationships. And Small Army is nothing if not all about relationships. Strong relationships build loyalty between a brand and an audience, between a client and an agency—and, ultimately, might just be why Small Army is one of the top agencies in Boston today.

To find out more about Small Army, click here.

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