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3 Free Miniature Billboards Giveaway

1 Steel Mini to 3 Lucky Replying Subscribers

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OOH Today is giving away free, 3 steel miniature billboards.
As mentioned in the “What’s Next for Outdoor Advertising and ‘3 Billboards’?” post today.  The 3rd, 33rd and 333rd emails we receive today with subject line typed “3 Billboards Winner” will receive a free steel miniature. Only 3 total minis will be given away. Email to:  BillBoard@OOHToday.com. Include your shipping address.

The mini is similar to the photograph above and is approx 4″x 8″ face size. Will not have a face included. Details to enter for an opportunity to receive 1 of 3 miniatures free are below. Must be a subscriber to enter.

‘3 Miniature BILLBOARDS’ Giveaway- * details

OOH Today will send one free miniature to 3 lucky people, free.
Details for the free steel miniature below

OOH Today is giving away 3 miniature billboards. Mini size is approx 4″x 8″ and stands over 9″ tall on single pole similar to one in photo example above. One mini each to 3 different people. 1 Miniature will be given to the persons who are the 3rd, 33rd and 333rd email received with the subject line saying “3 Billboards Winner”.  Email to:   BillBoard@OOHToday.com   Miniature will be without advertising or face in the middle (must provide your own). We will give one miniature to 3 different people at three different addresses.  Sorry USA addresses only. You must be a subscriber to OOH Today prior to enter. Subscribe in website http://www.OOHTODAY.COM

Please include your address for shipping. Sorry only USA addresses eligible. We pay standard ground shipping. No cost to recipients. The Giveaway ends at 5 PM EST January 10.  Determination of 3 qualifying recipients emails # 3, 33 and 333 by OOH Today and final. Only 3 people will receive and no more than 1 miniature per person.  Recipients will be announced January 11. If you prefer to be anonymous in the announcement, share your nom de plume” or a pseudonym.  All information is strictly confidential.

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