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Understanding Geopath’s Updated R&F / Accessing 2021 Data —2021 Forecast as the Official Currency of the OOH Industry

Friday, March 12th and Monday, March 15th

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Understanding Geopath’s Updated R&F / Accessing 2021 Data

2021 Annual Forecast Support Webinars


The initial rollout of the 2021 Annual Forecast reached a significant milestone on Monday, March 8th, 2021.

To help our members understand all of the recent updates and further support them as we transition to using the 2021 annual forecast as the official currency of the OOH industry on March 22nd, 2021, the Geopath team will be hosting two webinars this Friday and next Monday. These webinars will focus on helping our membership understand the recent updates, learn how to access the new data and features, as well as answer any questions. Click the links below to register.


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I. Understanding Geopath’s Updated R&F 
Friday, March 12th @ 2:00PM ET

Geopath has been working to update its methods of calculating reach and frequency to reflect the significant changes in travel patterns resulting from the pandemic. These improvements were implemented to resolve the previously mentioned issue of overstated audience reach for campaigns that have a large number of high TRP units or that are longer than 4 weeks. In addition, the update allows the expansion of R&F reporting capabilities to 52 weeks. This webinar will help our members understand the recent improvements to our Reach and Frequency model. 

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II. Accessing 2021 Data in the Insights Suite 
Monday, March 15th @ 2:00PM ET

With the rollout of the 2021 Annual Forecast, 2021 data is now present within the Geopath Insights Suite. To help support our members as they explore the new data, as well as new features that were released, we will be holding a session on Monday, March 15th to review the changes, how to access different years’ data, and answer any questions.

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