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2 Tickets to Paradise

Baking the Vanilla Cake

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OOH …Here’s One Thing  

by Jim Johnsen



2 Tickets to Paradise

We are all in the business of selling advertising right? I mean if we or someone else doesn’t sell some advertising to someone…we are all in the soup. No? After all, advertising pays the bills including salaries, commissions, utilities, taxes and new steel to name just a few. Whether we are finding new leases, hanging vinyl, fabricating steel, manufacturing digital displays or brokering billboard companies, thank God someone is selling advertising. As Claude Williams used to say, “nothing happens until someone makes a sale.”

As Claude Williams used to say, “nothing happens until someone makes a sale.”

Like it or not reader…ya that’s right, that’s you…you had better be thinking about what motivates companies and more importantly, the people behind them to buy advertising…and in our collective case, outdoor advertising.

a message from Wrapify

Yes, we as an industry have gotten good at buzz words. Advertisers buy because of reach and frequency, superior placement, attribution, low CPM, quality eyeballs, call to action, total market coverage, bla bla bla. Really guys? Is that really why advertisers buy?

Maybe on the margin, and maybe if they are just agenting the buy down stream after strategy, creative, and planning have baked the vanilla cake.

I would say the REAL reason companies and people are motivated to buy OOH advertising and buy it now, is because they are fearful. Fearful that if they don’t, then their competition will and will soon own the customer they once had. Nothing worse in this free market economy than getting shellacked by the competition. Right?

So, all you ad execs that the rest of us rely on so heavily for gainful employment…do you wake up thinking about how you are going to strap a harness to that fear and work it like a bull in heat to sell a shit ton more advertising…or are you just happy enough to write that same car dealer up with the same copy for one more renewal at a 4% increase? Yawn.

There is a reason that Burger King usually camps out by McDonald’s. Have you noticed that there is too much pharmacy and banking supply of late? Just sayin…

And if that’s not enough motivation to figure out how to game the best free market economy in the world…

Perhaps the fact that time is short, is.

Eddie Money died this past week. Yet, it barely hit the news. Hard to put him up there with Hendrix, Joplin, The Who, Stones, Beatles, Allman Brothers, Lynyrd Skynyrd, James Taylor, UB40, Jimmy Cliff, Bob Marley and the Wailers, Eric Clapton, Traffic, Grateful Dead, Talking Heads, Bronski Beat, Van Morrison, Roxy Music, Sade and U2, just to name a few…

But maybe up there with Boston, A Flock of Seagulls and Duran Duran. Certainly an entertainer.  Eddie Money – Two Tickets to Paradise (Live 1987)

2 Tickets to Paradise.  Pack your bags with me tonight.
Get to work before it’s time to get on the plane.

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