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10 Steps to Building a Personal Brand

OOH's Andrea Messimer Henley

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 Building a Personal Brand

by Andrea Messimer Henley

I have been active on social media channels, both professionally and personally for over 10 years. At first, like most people I simply set up an account and thought that was good enough.

It wasn’t until I started reading and contributing to posts, writing a blog, contributing to industry publications, participating in podcasts, invited to contribute to sales & marketing broadcasts, that I fully understood the power and impact of social media.

From both the perspective of a business owner to an advertising executive. I’ve had the good fortune to be interviewed and endorsed by top publications and experts. I also love and get the pleasure of interviewing many influential people, myself.

Social Media has allowed us to stand out and have a voice, to express our feelings, thoughts and views publicly. With that freedom comes a responsibility, to yourself, your company as well as your personal brand. It’s more of an art than science.

Here are 10 things, I have learned on building my personal brand.

#1. Contribute to posts. Don’t just like them or re-post, add a comment that is insightful or supportive, start a conversation by asking a question, tag someone in your network that would find the topic interesting or that can provide value. Use hashtags, your viewership will grow exponentially by tagging people and companies, as they relate to the topic.

#2. Support and endorse other companies & people. Not just your own. Continuous self-serving posts aren’t authentic and become feed spam, invisible and uninteresting. At least add a comment if you are only allowed to re-post your company’s content.

#3. Take the time to read the articles and understand the author’s point of view before you make a comment.

#4. Provide value or insight based on your experience, not just an opinion. Be creative.

#5. Don’t be a one hit wonder. Show that you have interest in various topics outside of the business and company you represent. Stand out as an individual.  You won’t have to rely on job titles for your identity, if you have a strong personal brand.

#6. Keep an open mind. When an article has been published about a topic or your company, industry, either positively or negatively, take it as an opportunity to learn from a new & fresh perspective. If it’s negative don’t get defensive. Always answer with facts, not opinions and be willing to listen if it is a valid point, to see if there is something you can change. I am a life long student. I continuously learn from others and new experiences, which keeps me relevant.

#7. Most important do not take anything on social media personal, if written words or opinions can impact you then anything or anyone can have an influence over you. Remember what is said reflects negatively of them not you.

#8. Post with good intent. If you are bitter over a job loss, or upset with a person or company. Do yourself a huge favor and take time off of Social Media to work through your issues. Time heals everything.  Forgiving and letting go allows you to come back in a position of strength…

#9. No one is an expert in everything, or has all the answers or solutions, be open to learning and engaging with individuals to build your personal brand and company.

#10. It’s super important, not to give advice that you aren’t willing to take yourself. Be aware that not everyone is going to agree with you, and that is OK.

The most valuable thing for me has been to be serious when applicable, but never lose a sense of humor, laughter has allowed me get through almost anything.

I will end with this great quote by Steve Jobs,  “If you want to make everyone happy, don’t be a leader, sell ice cream”…

  “If you want to make everyone happy, don’t be a leader, sell ice cream”…

Have a Happy Holiday

Please feel free to connect with me through LinkedIn, to share your stories and ideas…

My Best,

Andrea Messimer- Henley– Director Business Development
120 Ninth Avenue | Longmont, Colorado | 80501

South East Region
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