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Who ‘owns’ Minneapolis OOH? The Top 5 Minneapolis Outdoor Operators

9 OOH Providers

2 954
Blue Ox Media

The Top 5 Minneapolis—
Outdoor Advertising Operators

We found 9 Minneapolis’s Out Of Home operators who
dominate the Market’s Top 5  


So who ‘owns’Minneapolis?


♦We started working the Geopath Insights Suite for answers in search of the top OOH operators by location count in Minneapolis and included the total weekly average impressions by each category. Or as I like to say, the top OOH companies by inventory.  

From the search, we created 3 lists. Nine owner/operators currently have the most Geopath-audited & measured ad opportunities in the Minneapolis Designated Market Area or DMA.

Who is Number 1?

Read all the way to the end, to find out who is Number 1.
Who owns and where the display is located, with the most impressions for a single display in the Minneapolis market, delivering 1.3 million impressions in an average week.


a message from Movia Media


The Top 5 Minneapolis Outdoor Advertising Leaders

I. Top 5 Displays
 Top 5 Owners / Operators by Spot Count:

  1. Lamar Advertising
  2.  Clear Channel Outdoor
  3.  Buzztime
  4.  Intersection
  5.  PMD Media

In total, Geopath audited inventory in Minneapolis delivers over 592 million impressions in the average week across a total of 9,228 Geopath audited roadside and place-based locations. 

II. Static Bulletin
Top 5 Static Bulletin Owners / Operators by Count

  1. Lamar Advertising
  2. Clear Channel Outdoor
  3. OUTFRONT Media
  4.  Reagan Outdoor
  5. Simon

In Minneapolis, 1,946 Static Bulletins deliver a total of 277 Million impressions in the average week.

III. Digital Bulletins
Top 5 Digital Bulletin Owners / Operators by Spot Count:

  1. Clear Channel Outdoor
  2. Lamar Advertising
  3. OUTFRONT Media
  4. Blue Ox Outdoor

Minneapolis Digital Bulletins deliver 157 Million impressions in the average week across 842 spots.

The top billboard location in the Minneapolis DMA is …

Drum roll please!  
a Clear Channel Static Bulletin on Interstate -94 that delivers 1.3 million impressions in the average week 

♦ Only Geopath-audited & measured OOH ad opportunities are considered


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  1. Dan Ballard says

    For those reading this that may be unfamiliar with DMA’s and the areas they encompass, it may be helpful to note that the Minneapolis/St. Paul DMA covers a large swath of the state of MN. Lamar, certainly has a lot of inventory throughout the state, but very little in the Twin Cities. This would be much more evident if the ranking were on impressions rather than face counts, in which case Clear Channel Outdoor easily has the most impressions in the DMA. Within the Twin Cities Metro (CBSA), Clear Channel Outdoor is by far the number one ranked in either impressions or faces.

  2. No Fear No Favor says

    Without a doubt Dan Ballard you are correct in your observations. We have been to Minneapolis on business so many time in the last 20 years it seems like home and CCO dominates the OOH landscape with out a doubt.
    However, our Top 5 posts feature remains consistent in our standards of reporting across all cities. We do not adjust the criteria for evaluation to suit any one city or one OOH provider.
    We have accepted the standards provided by Geopath and consistently reported on the same criteria in evaluating the Top 5 in all market stories, keeping our hands off the scales, for this feature.
    Fortunately it works for most. In the case of the Twin Cities, the established larger DMA arguably is misleading and works to CCO’s disadvantage due to the greater area considered.
    Thank you for your comments.