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What’s on Your Phone?

OOH Phone Life

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OOH Phone Life

Sean Corbett, Premier Media

 What’s on your phone?

Sean Corbett,
Sales & Marketing, Premier Media.

Sean Corbett, Sales & Marketing for PREMIER.MEDIA, an outdoor advertising company. Sean has been with Premier for over 3 years.  Prior to Premier, Sean worked for Clear Channel Outdoor for nearly 16 years.  Premier offers advertising through traditional out-of-home, digital, mobile, kiosk, specialty, and much more.


Sean Corbett shares his phone life.


What is your most-used app?
WAZE – best app ever.

Favorite Instagram photo filter?
JUNO everything looks better in Juno. Wish they made sunglasses.

How many LinkedIn connections?
3,218. More than I ever thought I’d have.

Person you FaceTime the most?
I don’t use face time, who’d want to look at me?… however, my kids steal my phone and use it all the time.

Favorite Emoji? 
It used to be the snail cause he’s going the other way but, I find I’ve been using the smile face with sunglasses a lot lately maybe because spring is finally here.

Craziest place you left your phone behind?
Las Vegas Airport – long story that only Pete Simon from SNA North America knows.

Alarm settings?
I wake up to “Can’t find my way home” by Steve Winwood. ⇐(great song listen here)

Number of contacts in the phone?
More than a thousand contacts and I use at least 3 or 4 of those every day.

Am I in it? 

Favorite podcast
Sadly, I don’t listen to them.  I’m more of a book and music person.

App you wish someone would invent?
One that predicts the Powerball numbers

Most-surprising app you depend on or use often?
“on-time” Metro North app.

Are there times you try to stay off your phone entirely?
Yes!  …but it usually doesn’t work.

At what battery percentage do you feel compelled to charge your phone?
Apple iPhone X changed my answer on that…  it lasts long enough now, I don’t worry about it.

Funniest Text message?
They all come from a guy named JOE TURNER,  Ex-Clear Channel Outdoor Colleague  – most are not fit for print here.

Home Screen?
My 2 sons


Phone Life is a new OOH Today feature for fun and familiarity.  It is a near exact format as from The Wall Street Journal Magazine. OOH Today features women and men who define Outdoor Advertising adding a personal dimension.  Relationships are still an important part of OOH and is an Industry where the people behind the company, are as important as the company itself.  Phone Life is an opportunity to know more.



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