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What’s In Your Wallet?

Our "Sunday Best"

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All of us remember having our photo taken in grade school. We all lined up in the gym wearing our best outfits or what my dad called our “Sunday Best” to get our own individual photos taken. Say “cheese” and suddenly it was over literally in a FLASH. Weeks later, arriving in the mail, a large white envelope with the words “Do Not Bend” emblazoned on the front were 16 little individual photos of your beautiful mug…these were called wallet size. These small little portraits were destined to rest inside of your proud parents’ and relatives’ wallets or purses to be pulled out and displayed behind a clear plastic window to whoever was willing to admire those missing teeth and cute cowlicks. Today there’s hardly anyone alive who doesn’t keep hundreds of photos of their children and pets on their smartphone…the size of the photos are still “Wallet size.” I wonder how many of our clients have photos of their current or past OOH campaigns on their phones?

the second most photographed image taken in America is a plate of food, right after selfies

They may have received completion reports with a photo , but have you sent them a brief thank you note and a photo of their ad? You might be thinking why would my client want a photo of their billboard, or subway ad on their phone? Maybe the question should be why the second most photographed image taken in America is a plate of food, right after selfies. The answer to both is to show it off! It’s hard to keep and show off a radio or broadcast spot on your smartphone. If we want to expand our OOH awareness and capture more of the media pie, let’s make sure our client’s work isn’t just found on LinkedIn or in a completion report.

Thank your client for the business and send them a photo of their ad.

by Steve Lind, Chief Evangelist, FotoFetch





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