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by Casey Binkley, CEO at Movia Media
Happy 2023 to everyone! 2022 was a terrific year but I think 2023 is going to be even better. Why?…..

New Digital Sign Installations (3D opportunities)

As we enter 2023, we’ll see more brands investing in 3D OOH campaigns. Earlier in the year, this form of OOH became one of the most popular ways to present outdoor campaigns, and it will continue to become more popular. These super creative executions are bring OOH into the mainstream advertising mix like OOH should be!

In 2023, we will see all forms of OOH becoming more integrated into the larger online advertising ecosystem. The emergence of the metaverse concept and the development of naked-eye 3D technology will have a significant effect on the outdoor advertising industry as well. This stunning visual perception will catch the attention of consumers for a long time to come.

VR or AR with OOH

One massive boost to the OOH and DOOH heading into 2023 is that Google will be making its Display and Video 360 available for out-of-home advertising. Which means that you could see XR (Extended Reality) OOH screens at stadiums, airports, shopping centers or even bus stops.

Leveraging technology innovations like these will enable OOH to continue to grow in popularity and effectiveness.

Need for Efficiencies 

Brands of all types are batting down the hatches and turnings off strategies that cannot prove a significant ROI. As this recession continues to be a hot topic, marketing teams will

 be pushed to prove out efficiencies and effectiveness across all channels. Moving OOH has some of the most efficient and effective CPMs across the OOH industry.  For savvy planners’ layer in Moving OOH will help drive down the overall campaign CPMs which is exactly what the finance teams need/want to see right now.

Overall 2023 is going to be an awesome year for OOH. With Covid firmly behind us brands will continue to shift budgets away from Digital and back in to traditional – specifically OOH. Hopefully our buddy at Twitter keeps up the good work and everyone has a terrific year! 

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