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We Polled 50 OOH Regulars Regarding the Coronavirus Affecting Their OOH Conference Attendance

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50 OOH ‘Regulars’ Respond to Poll Regarding
the Coronavirus Affecting Their OOH Conference Attendance


OOH Today polled 50 OOH professionals who we know personally as ‘regular attendees’ of past Geopath/OAAA Out of Home Media Conference and Expo shows over the years. These are ‘regular attendees’ we see and speak with at every Conference.  We absolutely look forward to visiting with them. We polled them regarding their attending the up coming scheduled OOH events. As it turned out, everyone responded regarding the OOH conference in Phoenix.


The Poll Question

Our anonymous, non scientific poll was very simple. We asked the following question via text:

What is your status with regards to the coronvirus, in attending DSE and or OOH Conference and or IBO?

What is your status with regards to the coronvirus, in attending DSE and or
OOH Conference and or IBO?


Virus update

With the recently reported 6 deaths in the U.S. related to the coronavirus. Cases of infection are confirmed in Washington, California, Massachusetts, Oregon, New Hampshire and Illinois.

The number of confirmed cases in other countries outside of China are increasing, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University. Counties hardest hit China, South Korea, Italy and Iran with recently reported confirmed coronavirus infections in Indonesia, Scotland and the Dominican Republic.

Health officials urged people to remain calm and said the risk of the virus remains low in the U.S.


GO2020 Conference Status

Geopath, who is planning and managing the annual OOH conference this year, sent out a ‘coronavirus statement’ regarding the GO2020.  See it here⇒ GO2020 Coronavirus Statement


The OOH Today Poll Results  

The results of the unscientific/official OOH Today poll were very encouraging. 50 respondents.

4% or 2 people responded they were NOT attending the OOH Conference this year because of the virus

28% responded as ‘not sure yet’ or ‘waiting to decide’  

68% said they are attending the 2020 OOH Conference


Poll Participant Comments

Here are a few comments. There were interesting ones. Too many to list.

“As of today? I plan on going.  I guess the question is will it peter out or gain momentum? Working in NYC taking the train everyday, I assume is high risk for any virus.”

“I am not concerned with travel within the U.S. borders .”

“Going to SXSW next week. I imagine the worst will have passed before we head to Phoenix.”


“Not sure yet…We were part of an event in LA and they just cancelled it after we were loaded in. I would hate to see that happen at the OOH Conference.”

“I travel as regular and unphased by the coronavirus. “

“I think it’s all hype!”


Thank you again to everyone who responded.  See you there!





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