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Vector Media —The FIRST Digital Signage Network in West Palm Beach

Vector Media + Swiftmile West Palm Beach

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Vector Media + Swiftmile West Palm Beach DOOH Network

New advertising partnership gives Vector Media the first digital signage network in West Palm Beach


Vector Media, an innovative media company specializing in transit media, announced its exclusive media sales representation of the West Palm Beach expansion of the Swiftmile Micromobility Network. The relationship w
as developed along with smart mobility leader Tranzito in support of the rapidly growing Tranzito-Vector mobility partnership.

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Through the new partnership, Vector, Tranzito, and Swiftmile will upgrade 20 shared bike stations with dual-sided 55″ high definition displays, adding to Swiftmile’s rapidly growing street-level inventory. Additionally, the new project opens the door to more micromobility stations across West Palm Beach. Currently ranked in the top 40 DMAs in the country, this will be the only digital signage network in the rapidly growing downtown metro West Palm Beach area.

“We are honored to have been selected by Swiftmile to serve as the exclusive media sales arm for Swiftmile’s Micromobility Network in West Palm Beach,” said Marc Borzykowski, CEO of Vector Media. “Advertisers are increasingly focused on dynamic, hyper-local digital advertising opportunities like this to help them inform and engage consumers in the communities they serve. We believe this sustainable mobility network supported by digital advertising is a model for many cities across the country moving forward and are excited to provide our clients with the opportunity to advertise on these unique assets.”

The new digital signage network is expected to launch in December 2022.

“We are proud to have Vector Media, the leader in the transit advertising space  as our partner in bringing this much needed service to West Palm Beach,” said Colin Roche, Swiftmile’s CEO. “We believe now more than ever is the time to invest in sustainable infrastructure across Florida. City leaders in West Palm want to encourage alternative transportation that is sustainable. We are thankful for the role we play in helping to make smart and efficient transportation a reality.”

This will be the second project that Swiftmile has worked on with Vector and Tranzito in 2022. Swiftmile is part of the consortium of companies supporting the new Tranzito-Vector joint venture that won the City of Los Angeles’s 20 year contract for the Sidewalk and Transit Amenities Program. Tranzito-Vector will install 3,450 brand new shade and shelter structures that will include amenities like Swiftmile’s Charging Hubs at many of the new locations. “We are looking forward to working with the Tranzito-Vector team in LA. They really understood the importance of adding Micromobility charging as an amenity to their offering, so when the opportunity arose to work together in Florida it just made sense.” further commented Swiftmile’s President, Leo Vera.

Swiftmile, the pioneer in the field of light electric vehicle charging, has already established a micromobility network in Miami. The company continues to expand to cities like West Palm Beach and Los Angeles to provide sustainable, state-of-the-art, in-field parking and charging for electric bikes, scooters, and e-mopeds. The Swiftmile stations are remotely monitored and controlled, and can be powered by its smart connection to the grid, swappable batteries, solar power, or through a combination of multiple input power sources. With the addition of digital signage on its stations, Swiftmile takes advantage of ad-sponsorships, programmatic software, and hyper-local sales to deploy much needed infrastructure at no cost to cities.

About Vector
Vector Media is one of the nations’ largest outdoor media companies, specializing in large and small format transit media opportunities and the creation of interactive brand experiences.  The company’s current inventory is spread over 55 US markets and includes over 30,000 advertising faces, comprised of municipal and privately owned transit vehicles, transit shelters, billboards, and the nations’ only coast-to-coast double-decker advertising network.  Vector Media, with Tranzito, formed Tranzito-Vector to specifically address the smart mobility infrastructure market.

About Swiftmile
Swiftmile is the leading provider of scalable Micromobility parking and charging systems, providing valuable infrastructure for alternative transportation solutions for short city distances, reducing harmful carbon emissions. Swiftmile helps to solve the pollution pain point caused by single-rider commuter vehicles through its proprietary platform in major markets across North America and Europe. The Swiftmile mobility hubs can serve both digital and static advertising, allowing local agencies to issue PSAs, emergency notices, and other vital information for residents.

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