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TOP 10 OOH Ads 2017

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Beer, Vodka to Breast

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This is a Top 10 OOH Ads of United Kingdom’s advertising magazine, Campaign*.  Creative ranging from Freedom Beer, Absolute Vodka to Mother’s Breast.

Impressed with the selections?  Some are good, others… like the Ikea Falcon made of keys?  Well, beauty, even OOH beauty, must be in the eye of the beholder.

Click the link to The Top 10 OOH Ads of 2017 according to Campaign.  See all 10 picks. Please tell us what you like or think about their Top 10.

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*Note about Campaign, the magazine.  Launched as a weekly magazine in London on 12 September 1968, Campaign has blossomed into a globally-networked franchise providing real-time news and analysis by expert commentators in eight territories around the world. Apart from the UK, Campaign now serves the US South East Asia India China Japan Turkey and the Middle East .

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