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Time is Expensive

make time on your side

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Taxi top advertising n NYC
shot by FotoFetch
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Time is one of those commodities we can never get back. My mom said she wished she cleaned the house less and spent more time with the kids. That is true in family life and business. Where are you spending your time?

In our personal life, it’s sometimes worth paying someone to handle specific tasks or chores, mainly when they specialize in service.  Hiring a lawn-care company, grocery pick up, delivery and ready-made meals, and tax preparation, to name a few.  That’s because you value your time more highly than the task you are hiring out.

The same goes for business.

FotoFetch was founded on the premise of saving you and your employees time. We specialize in OOH photography. You throw away time so casually.  Time is lost having to drop everything and run out and get that photo the client has to have today. Time is lost by having staff drive to outlying locations and taking photos when they need to finish second-quarter projects. Re-training another potential photographer to take good OOH photos is another example of your lost time.

With FotoFetch you can concentrate on what’s important. That’s making budget!  As the catchy song from the rock musical RENT reminds us, 525,600 minutes is how you measure a year.  It’s best to make time on your side.







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