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This Lamar Free Billboard Contest is a Winner!

5 Free Philadelphia Billboards Designs

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Five Free Billboards

In Philadelphia, Lamar Advertising is giving away five (5) free billboards. They are awarding five winning designs. The locations are Philadelphia DMA for a 4-week period beginning June 18, 2018. The promotion says, “It’s a fantastic opportunity to get you or your business noticed!”  OOH Today would add, it’s a no brainer for a business to try Outdoor Advertising if one has not already and if you have, take advantage of free advertising. The odds of winning are probably very high. Why wouldn’t a local advertiser enter?  We love it!  OOHToday.com is thinking about entering.  Wonder if we are eligible?

It’s a fantastic opportunity to get you or your business noticed!

‘Win a free billboard’ should do very well.

It’s a creative design contest which is open to business’ in the Philly market.  Entry provides creative tips and a promo code for 25% off a future OOH Campaign to all contestants who submitted a design, after winners are announced.  It’s a unique idea which fundamentally encourages new business and that creative matters.

What do you think about this promotion? Anyone else run a similar promotion?

We’ll speak with Dave Peacock , General Manager at Lamar Advertising Compan, Philadelphia and see if he’ll share results. ‘Good Stuff’ OOH Today Recognition to Dave Peacock and Lamar.

If you plan on entering, do not take this article as the last word.  Go to the Lamar link here⇒WinaFreeBillboard.com  We encourage you to see the contest rules, details and fine print.

Here is the Lamar message.

Want to see your name or business on a billboard in the Philly area? Now’s your chance to see it for FREE! Today, we are launching our Win A Free Billboard design contest. Five winning designs will be displayed on local billboards for 4 weeks in June. And all contestants who enter will receive a 25% discount for an upcoming Lamar billboard campaign. For contest rules and to start your entry, please visit www.WinAFreeBillboard.com. Good luck!! #CreativeMatters

OOH Today went to the site. The following information appears. 

Win A Free Billboard in Philadelphia

Thank you for your interest in Lamar Advertising’s “Win A Free Billboard” Design Contest. Five contestants who create the best billboard design, as determined by our Philadelphia office, will have their design displayed on Lamar billboards in the Philadelphia DMA for a 4-week period beginning June 18, 2018. It’s a fantastic opportunity to get you or your business noticed!

Upon filling out the entry form, you will receive an email providing you with access to the design template and instructions for submitting your design on our designated Facebook page. You’ll also receive creative tips to help you along, as well as a promo code/coupon entitling you to 25% off a future billboard advertising campaign with Lamar.

Please complete the form on the right to enter the contest. Contact philadelphia@lamar.com with questions. Good luck!





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  1. Todd Hansen says

    What each billboard company should do is go to the chamber of commerce ( real selling ) and have a monthly drawing of business cards and the winner each month get a location for one month

    Over a year that could equal 12 new opportunities for a sale

    Why just give away a few boards. Make it a continues effort to add new clients. I am sure we are all chamber members

    So go sell something

  2. Bill Board says

    Great solution with the local Chamber of Commerce, Mr Hansen. Your approach certainly will put one in the thick of the business community in a targeted manner. Face to face. Personal and allows for qualifying as well. ‘Go sell something’

  3. Diane Strause says

    This sounded so exciting. I was going to try to win this for my boss but we are located in Berks County. That is where I saw the add. So sad.

  4. Bill Board says

    Thank you for the share Ms Strause. Do not sell the power of Out of Home short. OOHToday suggests you enter. While the proximity may be a concern, why not try regardless? Outdoor Advertising is typically perceived as a location based media, nevertheless, great creative knows no boundaries. If you have been following our daily news blog, you know we feel creative is the key to successful OOH. The Lamar contest is based on creative. The other thing you have going for you, is not only does Lamar Advertising cover Berks Co., it is also managed by the same General Manager out of Philadelphia, David Peacock. Would a billboard for Lawn Doctor -Berks Co in Philadelphia find success? The answer is in the creative you provide. What do you have to lose except investment in the design? We hope you enter. If you do, please let us know and share your entry.
    Good luck!

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