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The Pitch Deck Google’s Waze is Using to Sell Out of Home

Protecting the Inventory, Protecting the Industry.

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Protecting the Inventory Protecting the Industry

It’s not just the legislature who threaten’s OOH business.

Competitive Pitch Deck and slides to follow


Business Insider shared a story on Waze’s (which is a Google property), efforts to tap Out of Home dollars. 

Business Insider shares pitch decks used by Waze in their sales calls pitching the ad agencies for ‘OOH dollars.’  We, you, me, need to know what the ‘other guys’ are doing.  That’s just competition 101, scout and prepare. 

Part of the pitch, according to Business Insider, is this comment from Todd Palatnek, their out-of-home business lead calling on ad agencies to increase their out-of-home buys; “One of the first things I say is, We’re not in here to tell you not to buy OOH. We are here to tell you to keep buying it, but utilize Waze as a complement.” 

Note their sales style and then look at ours. I still hear and read our ‘OOH leaders’ trumpeting “online digital ‘has fraud’ and ‘can be blocked’,” negative style pitch rather than selling the features and benefits of OOH and in conjunction with digital online.  STOP. 

Consider,  ‘We’re not here to tell you to not buy online digital. We are here to tell  you to keep buying it, but utilize OOH as a complement.”  Do you have that slide?  If so, send it to me please.

Maybe its our sales efforts which need to be revised to increase our revenues? That is another post  or conversation for later.

One thing I hope we can agree on, is we need to know what the other guys are doing in the battle for advertising budgets. And I don’t mean your OOH ‘Competitor.’

As Business Insider reports, “Waze has been making the rounds with agencies in recent months and offering them incentives to spend more with Waze through its Display and Video Incentives Program,” a media buyer told Business Insider.

Click on the link here see the deck slides and pitch points⇒Google’s Waze wants more outdoor advertising dollars. Here are pitch decks it is using to sell itself as a complement to out-of-home ads.

Business Insider may block you from access to that link unless you buy a subscription. It’s worth the buck/$1 for trial use.

Let us know what you thought of the deck’s slides and pitch points.




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