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The Formetco 50th Anniversary Celebration

The Hundreds of Candid Photos You Don't Want to Miss

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The Formetco Celebration —The Photo Gallery is here

On Dec. 6, Formetco celebrated its 50th anniversary by inviting its customers to a special appreciation event to celebrate. The milestone event included a 5-piece band with two singers, a magician, performances by Elvis Presley and Dolly Parton impersonators, an 18-ft. bar with an aerialist pouring drinks, the Grinch and Mary Lou, a visit from Santa and Mrs. Clause, two caricature artists drawing the images of guests, and nine video screens, including two 22-feet tall by 40-feet wide video screens, each playing different videos and a slideshow of billboard displays from over the years. The more than 400 people who attended the celebration were treated to an extravagant array of hors d’oeuvres followed by a large dinner. The planned, 4-hour celebration was so successful that Formetco extended bar service and requested that the band play on for an additional hour. It truly was an event that attendees did not want to end and will be talking about for years to come.

With over 400 #OOH people attending the event, there ought to be someone you know in the hundreds of photos from the celebration.  See the photos use the link here⇒Formetco 50 Yr Anniversary Photos

With over 400 OOH people attending the event, there ought to be someone you know in the hundreds of photos from the celebration.  See the photo gallery file use the link here⇒Formetco 50 YR Anniversary Photos

“This event was truly meant to honor our customers. We would be nowhere without them,” said John Gibb, Formetco’s executive vice president of corporate development.

Formetco is the only supplier and manufacturer in the out-of-home industry to achieve 50 years in the business. In 1968, the company was founded by Larry Garrett who saw the true potential in billboards and took a chance by purchasing the entire billboard division of Armco Steel. Formetco began as a family-owned company and remains one today.

The company continues to follow in its founder’s footsteps by researching and developing the most innovative and reliable products available to the out-of-home industry. “Our plan for the future remains what it has been since day one, to deliver the best possible product to our customers,” said John Gibb.

aerialist pouring drinks

Long-term customer, Ray Moyers, CEO of Signal Outdoor Advertising, said, “I’ve been buying billboard supplies from this company for the past 30 years. Formetco has been the industry leader for so long and has always stayed ahead of technology trends.”

“The future of Formetco is in its people. Products will come and go, but the people will take us to the next 50-year celebration,” said Matt Xander, Formetco president and CEO. “At the end of the day, every new challenge and opportunity we face as a company is truly rewarding. We look forward to the future.”



About Formetco
Since 1968, Formetco has researched, designed and developed thousands of innovative out-of-home products including cutting-edge digital displays, billboard hardware, and safety equipment. Owned by the same family since it began, Formetco is proud to be the only supplier and manufacturer to have served the outdoor advertising industry for the past 50 years.





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