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The Best Billboard for 2019 Goes to —Canadian Sex Toy Ad?

“Scream Your Own Name”

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‘Scream Your Own Name’
—the Best Billboard of 2019?


Already being discussed as the best OOH design for 2019. That’s an early call. The ‘Scream Your Own Name’ design is obviously creating some ahem …buzz.  It’s a tough world out there for anything who’s message is connected to “women’s pleasure” products.  This creative is strong and should be considered for award season.  Let’s see where the OOH Industry ends up judging it.

WOW Tech Group who produces the product, says it has struggled to find media formats willing to run its messages of sex positivity for women. Stephanie Keating, Marketing Manager at WOW Tech Group says, “You can use sex to sell anything, except if it’s women’s pleasure.” Canadian agency, The Garden, says the billboard has made it through three weeks on one of Toronto’s busiest highways. The concern is some entity will deem it inappropriate and pressure it removed. So far so good.


IMA Outdoor is the OOH company and has extended the agreement into 2020.  The retailer, Pink Cherry plans to roll out new creative.

Read the full story in AdWeek here⇒This Canadian Sex Toy Ad MIght be the Best Written Billboard of 2019





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