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Why don’t we take more night photos?

The Beauty Of The Night

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The Beauty Of The Night

OOH night photography is hands down the winner in the glamour specialty shot category if the OAAA had an award for beautiful photos.

With a darkened sky, the rich colors of an outdoor installation and its surroundings take on a magical visual experience. The soft lightening of the client’s ad, the subdued highlighted architectural features of buildings and streets fading to dark, the light trails from vehicles passing by….I could go on and on. Clients love these artistic types of photos and what a great way to promote our OOH industry.

stunning night photos does require practice, patience and a good eye

So the question is, why don’t we take more night photos? Yes, you guessed it, you need to know what you’re doing. And most of us don’t. You need a  tripod, know-how on using a remote shutter release cable, and awareness of how to use manual settings on your camera. Taking stunning night photos does require practice, patience and a good eye for composition.  Of course, you have to be willing to stand out there in the dark. That’s where hiring someone who has experience in night photography comes into play. Our clients deserve great photos of their campaigns, long exposure images showing the beauty of your clients’ creative is like getting a surprise birthday present….not expected but totally appreciated.


by Steve Lind, Chief Evangelist, FotoFetch
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