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Taking Over Abandoned Billboards in Detroit

Detroit's Declared Dissenter and Subversive Billboards

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One of four of Macdonald’s work. photo NICOLE MACDONALD


Abandoned Billboards in Detroit Take Over

Abandoned billboards in Detroit are being taken over by a ‘Declared Dissenter,’ Nicole Macdonald. 

Macdonald is an artist who created a series of ‘political billboards’ saying she see’s the “billboards as a civic good…bringing art and the concerns of the larger world to this community, and making them relevant to this place.”  She recognizes in the billboards she’s taken over, “Sometimes the line between legality and illegality is something that should be tested.”

Click this link for the story from the Detroit News⇒  ‘Subtly subversive billboards’

Why are there abandoned billboards in Detroit? 


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