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Spotify Wrapped or Wrapify Spotted?

This Year's Best #WrapifySpotted

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Message by Wrapify

You’ve probably heard about Spotify Wrapped by now (probably too times to count after the 2022 list was launched this past week), but what about it’s distant cousin – Wrapify Spotted!?

We saw this hashtag appear a few times on Twitter last week, and had to jump on the accidental word mix-up immediately! Welcome to what should become our favorite end-of-year update.

This year’s best #WrapifySpotted happened in Miami just last week. Check out the amazing attention that Aetna is getting, from its target audience!

This helps answer the question – does OOH Work for the healthcare industry?

You may argue that a clinic ad differs from a retail brand ad. While both sectors strive for brand awareness, healthcare practitioners stand more scrutiny for advertising their services. But recent healthcare OOH statistics from the OAAA/Harris Poll prove OOH can help you achieve your healthcare marketing goals. Take a look:

  • Overall, 58% of survey responders recently noticed healthcare OOH ads
  • 78% of Gen Zers, 74% of millennials, 57% of Gen X, and 40% of boomers have noticed healthcare OOH ads.
  • 76% of those who saw an OOH healthcare ad engaged in follow-up action.

These stats prove that OOH advertising is an excellent avenue to improve your patient outreach initiatives in these ways:

  • Driving brand awareness. There’s a 58% chance that someone will know about your brand.
  • Driving action and boosting traffic. 37% out of the 76% of people who took action looked for the brand online, 21% followed the brand on social, and 19% took a picture to share on social media.
  • Driving visitation rates. A further 30% visited the brand in person, while 28% asked their doctor about the service or product they saw in the ad.

Out-of-home advertising has zero ability to be pushy and repulsive, but every chance to be effectively more captivating.

Read more tips on branding for healthcare in our latest article from Wrapify.

That’s a Wrap!

Wrapify is an advertiser with OOH Today

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