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Solving a Problem

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It started as an idea that revolved inside my brain for decades. After an early pivot out of college with a photography degree, I made an unexpected life-changing decision to enter OOH sales. It didn’t take long before I became aware of the inconsistencies in obtaining quality photos in the different markets for my athletic shoe company in Portland, Oregon.  

Since my clients were often based on the west coast, they couldn’t see their newly posted campaigns around the country. They didn’t understand why they had to wait two weeks for photos and why the photo quality varied from market to market. Occasionally they hired renowned fashion photographers to go out and take images of their campaigns. 

That’s when my idea of FotoFetch was born. What if I could source qualified photographers who were in the same proximity to my OOH campaigns? I could speed up delivery and require consistent quality images. My clients would be happy, and I would sell more billboards and transit advertising.

It took many more years of cogitating on this idea while keeping busy raising a family and having a successful career in OOH. But today, with that dream crystalized, FotoFetch has become the number-one source for OOH photos nationwide.  That is not an empty boast!

Just last week FotoFetch took photos for big and small clients of digital bulletins, walls, drone videos, and screens inside theatre lobbies and bars in over 30 states.

FotoFetch has 10,000 photographers shooting for us across North America. An impressive feat that is offering solid, reliable image solutions for improved sales.  The bonus is the time saving that can be spent on generating more revenue. Agencies and buying services have jumped on the bandwagon; they are counting on FotoFetch for their photo and video needs.

It is cool, fun, and rewarding. It all started with an idea. An idea that solves a problem.

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