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Serving More With Johnny Drinks


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Serving More Than Curated Cocktails With Johnny Drinks

Times Square, New York-—TikTok Cocktail Sensations, influencers, podcasters, and the dynamic father/son duo, Johnny Drinks wanted to serve more than cocktails to launch their new podcast. The team began a soft launch for the pod, The Johnny Drinks Podcast, on February 15, 2023, choosing the best out-of-home media for their message, an eye-catching mobile billboard campaign strategically routed to key spots in New Jersey and New York.

The mobile billboard showcased as a photo and video backdrop shared on multiple social media platforms, bringing the dynamic impact of out-of-home to their millions of followers. “The mobile billboard stands out so uniquely and is so accessible; it was our obvious choice. We were able to leverage the unit in so many ways – meet and greets, photo ops, a ride-along, and video content.

The do it outdoors team executed a flawless campaign from the routing and operations down to Willie, our friendly and responsive driver”, said John Rondi.  

The campaign continued rolling, powered by the experienced team at do it outdoors media, through Washington Square and Times Square in New York and Wayne, Hoboken, and Weehawken, New Jersey. Cheers to Johnny Drinks for the amazing success of their campaign and pod launch.


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