Digital out-of-home is sweeping our industry. It’s trendy, it’s flashy and it’s convenient.

It’s also very expensive. Not only do vendors need to install screens, they need to maintain them. All of those added costs are passed along to the advertisers.

When we think digital, we think differently. We get personal.

Digital marketing is about engagement (not screens). So we’ve found ways to support a digital message on someone’s own device that drive clicks and conversions. We champion digital, but with a more powerful solution. Our OOH + mobile campaigns drive real results.

We credit that to our domineering physical presence with our out-of-home media formats.

Mobile billboards drive your message exactly where you need it to go. And we’re about half the daily rate as a digital mobile billboard.

Here is why we stand by our product offering:

  • A mobile billboard unit is dedicated to one advertiser, only. Digital out-of-home screens often divide their space into multi-advertiser buys, each getting a flip.
  • Routing and placement is highly tailored to match the advertiser to a specific and precise audience based on both location and demographics. When digital out-of-home buys are shared amongst advertisers, the routing offers broader strokes without considering your desired audience.
  • Achieve marketing objectives with a low CPM. A tailored-for-you approach is a valuable solution, and it costs less!
  • High quality vinyl printing ensures a great visual advertisement every time. If digital screens aren’t maintained properly, the visual quality declines. The lighting can also interfere with legibility.
  • Standard mobile billboards have more inventory availability than digital mobile billboards.

We know that longer lead times to print the creative and production costs apply to our mobile billboards. But we also believe that the benefits outweigh the cons.

Our mobile billboards feature a state-of-the-art framing system to ensure your vinyl always looks great. With two sides of the unit, you can feature one or two creatives during the campaign. While it’s not as quickly put into play as a digital creative change, we also do change vinyls out during campaigns to align with a brand’s evolving message. If you know in advance, we’ll print them upfront and have them ready to switch out on specific campaign dates.

For us, it’s less about the DOOH craze. And more about driving your message strategically to achieve your location-based objectives. Besides, don’t you think it should be more about EOOH – Engagement Out-of-Home? Delivering a campaign that captivates your audience and stirs them to action is more valuable, in our opinion, than serving a creative on a big screen.

Let’s get started with your out-of-home program.

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