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OOH Moves Today —OUTFRONT, OUTFRONT, OUTFRONT, Link, Clear Channel, Tractor, Alight—OOH

Vistar, Blip, Horizon, Bozell, Harmelin

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— Hires and Promotions 
Employment Growth Continues 
OOH people lead the way. 

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View Julie Radlovic’s profile
Congratulate Julie Radlovic PROMOTED as Group Vice President National sales at OUTFRONT Media



View Andrew Maceda’s profile
Congratulate Andrew Maceda PROMOTED as Associate Account Executive at OUTFRONT Media



View Dave Barnett’s profile



View Jordan L. Abell’s profile
Congratulate Jordan L. Abell for starting a new position as Account Executive at Link Media Outdoor



View Jennifer Willard’s profile
Congratulate Jennifer Willard for starting a new position as Co-Owner The Digital Sandbox Group at The Digital Sandbox Group



View Andrea Brendis’ profile

Congratulate Andrea Brendis for starting a new position as Senior Account Executive at Bozell



View Ashley Bramley’s profile
Congratulate Ashley Bramley for starting a new position as Account Director – Media & Creative Team at Publitek



Congrats to Jacqui Carreau, hired as a new head of direct sales and will lead Alight Media’s growing direct sales team positioned across the UK


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View Marissa Bernstein’s profile
Congratulate Marissa Bernstein Promoted as Director of Marketing, Demand (Brands & Agencies) at Vistar Media



View Monica Piazza’s profile



View Avit Patel’s profile




View Jeremie Watkins’ profile



View Abigail Schuhmann Worley’s profile




Congrats to Lizelle McConnell appointed as sales director at Tractor Outdoor With her in-depth experience in the industry, she has been pivotal to Tractor’s growth.



View Wendy Best’s profile




View Krista Berardelli’s profile



View Ryan A. Wood’s profile
Congratulate Ryan A. Wood promoted as Media Strategist at Harmelin Media




View Ellen Pollack Rieve’s profile
Congratulate Ellen Pollack Rieve for starting a new position as Publisher at Best Version Media



Congratulate Emily Keevil for starting a new position as Business Operations Manager at Clear Channel Airports




View RJ Schultz’s profile
Congratulate RJ Schultz for being promoted to Vice President of Operations at Blip




View Krystal Fernandez’s profile












View Suhaila Hobba’s profile





View Patti Wold’s profile




View Brent White’s profile












View Nick Gartner’s profile




View Marc Gerstein’s profile
Congratulate Marc Gerstein for starting a new position as Retail Performance Manager – Maserati North America at Shift Digital



View Silena Brown’s profile
Congratulate Silena Brown for starting a new position as Marketing Manager at Complete Restoration Services



View Gina Maker’s profile
Congratulate Gina Maker promoted as Vice President Operations at
Connectivity Holdings





View Christopher Graefe’s profile






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