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Kelly Peppers


Kelly Peppers, CEO at Colossal Media, appointed to OAAA Board of Directors




Regis Maher

Regis Maher II, President/COO at Do It Outdoors LLC, appointed to OAAA Board of Directors





Sean Mccaffrey


Sean Mccaffrey, Chief Executive Officer at GSTV, appointed to
OAAA Board of Directors




Scott LaFoy, CEO at Link Media Outdoor, appointed to
OAAA Board of Directors






Anna Bager, President and CEO at Out of Home Advertising Association of America (OAAA) is to join the World Out of Home Organization board.




A message from Wrapify








View Denise McNamara’s profile




View Victoria Digiacomo’s profile

Congratulate Victoria Digiacomo for being promoted to Enterprise Account Manager at Dell EMC





View Adam Malone’s profile








View Arie Noe’s profile




View Terri Cameron’s profile
Congratulate Terri Cameron for starting a new position as Senior Vice President at Trenches Sports & Entertainment




View Beth Johnson’s profile




View Nikola Sean’s profile
Congratulate Nikola Sean for starting a new position as Associate Consultant at JDX Consulting




View Aili Campbell’s profile
Congratulate Aili Campbell for starting a new position as Director Of Operations at Signs PDQ, Inc.




View Molly Gross’ profile




View Charlotte Meyler’s profile




View Dallas Martz’s profile




View Kanjeev Sikka’s profile

Congratulate Kanjeev Sikka for starting a new position as Consultant at
Shout Media Ltd



View Seth Niman’s profile




View Jay Wolff’s profile
Congratulate Jay Wolff for starting a new position as Senior Business Advisor / Advisory Board at Origin Media, Inc




View Stephanie Risler’s profile




View Max Oglesbee’s profile
Congratulate Max Oglesbee for starting a new position as Managing Director at Fuzz




View Jack Pearcey’s profile
Congratulate Jack Pearcey for starting a new position as General Manager at Ashter Signs




View Luis De Varona’s profile

Congratulate Luis De Varona for starting a new position as Advertising Account Manager at South Florida Business & Wealth




View Alyssa Vona’s profile
Congratulate Alyssa Vona for starting a new position as Director, Strategic Planning at Wavemaker




View Zev Gollender’s profile
Congratulate Zev Gollender for starting a new position as SVP, Marketing Solutions at Prodege, LLC




View Dan Owczarczak’s profile

Congratulate Dan Owczarczak for starting a new position as Marketing Manager at THE DEN THEATRE CHICAGO, LLC



View Donna Krasner’s profile

Congratulate Donna Krasner for starting a new position as Head of US Talent Acquisition at HelloFresh



View Hillary E. Greer’s profile
Congratulate Hillary E. Greer for starting a new position as Digital Support Technician at Watchfire Signs






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