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OOH Moves Today

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OOH Today keeps you up to date with a summary report, every Friday of all the moves in Billboards, Brands, Agency, OOH planning and buying services, new hires, promotions,
OOH Providers and Sellers.  

Here’s your weekly score card.   The latest #OOH related changes.
A few big names making moves this week. Including the return of Van Wagner Outdoor.
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Moving IN—Elected


View Nancy Fletcher’s profile

Congratulate Nancy Fletcher for starting a new position as Director and Member of Compensation Committee at Lamar Advertising Company







View Walid Abu-Ghazaleh’s profile

Congratulate Walid Abu-Ghazaleh for starting a new position as Senior Vice President at Van Wagner



View Billy Saunders’ profile




View Ben Salinas’ profile




View James Oddo’s profile
Congratulate James Oddo for starting a new position as National Sales Executive at Foxpoint Media




View Andrew Caplan’s profile

Congratulate Andrew Caplan for starting a new position as Brand Manager, Streaming Platforms at FilmRise



View Justina Doveikaite’s profile

Congratulate Justina Doveikaite for starting a new position as Data Analyst at Accenture



View Kirsten Rice’s profile

Congratulate Kirsten Rice for starting a new position as Manager of Recruitment & Special Projects at SVP Worldwide




View Andrew Molina’s profile

Congratulate Andrew Molina for starting a new position as Program Manager at Walton Signage




View Peter Wright’s profile

Congratulate Peter Wright for starting a new position as Brand Partnerships Manager, Global Business Solutions at TikTok



View Todd Coulter’s profile

Congratulate Todd Coulter for starting a new position as Chief Executive Officer at HealthAI



View Steve Trakhten’s profile

Congratulate Steve Trakhten for starting a new position as Enterprise Solutions Analyst / Project Manager at FactSet



View Leila Amirsadeghi’s profile
Congratulate Leila Amirsadeghi for starting a new position as Chief Growth Officer at Cleanbox Technology




View Jamie Schubert, MBA, SPN’S profile
Congratulate Jamie Schubert, MBA, SPN for starting a new position as Operational Management at Amazon




View Blythe Quimby Bonan’s profile

Congratulate Blythe Quimby Bonan for starting a new position as Marketing and Data Analytics Intern at Pairr Technology, LLC



View Claire Petermann’s profile




View Claire Peña’s profile

Congratulate Claire Peña for starting a new position as VP, Growth at strongDM



View Curtis Brown, Sr.’s profile

Congratulate Curtis Brown, Sr. for starting a new position as Co-Owner at NTENT Marketing




View Adrien Sossa’s profile

Congratulate Adrien Sossa for starting a new position as Vice President, Data Partnerships and Channel Management at Drako Media Group



View Brenda Bookbinder’s profile

Congratulate Brenda Bookbinder for starting as Advertising, Communication, Sponsorship Manager at TRUSTMAKERS



View Zach Nadler’s profile




View Gerrianne Puntervold’s profile

Congratulate Gerrianne Puntervold for starting a new position as Vice President of Corporate Sales at GiftBasket.com



View Suzzanne Bloom’s profile
Congratulate Suzzanne Bloom for starting a new position as Managing Partner at Financial Preparedness Network




View Kim Stokes’ profile
Congratulate Kim Stokes for starting a new position as Head of Marketing at GoodCell




View Stuart Gray’s profile

Congratulate Stuart Gray for starting a new position as President at Utopia VR




View Zoë Meadow’s profile
Congratulate Zoë Meadow for starting a new position as Graphic Designer, Digital Marketing at America’s Test Kitchen




View Zak Pala’s profile

Congratulate Zak Pala for starting a new position as Director of Sales at Van Wagner Outdoor 




Congrats to  Meg Ledger HIRED as Account Director, London team at OPEN Media UK








View Jose Sanz’s profile
Congratulate Jose Sanz PROMOTED as Production, Transit and Sustainability Director ANZ at JCDecaux Australia




View Rick Vosk’s profile

Congratulate Rick Vosk PROMOTED as Director, Media Strategy at American Cancer Society



View Lucy Daramola’s profile
Congratulate Lucy Daramola PROMOTED as UK Account Management Team Lead at Adthena




Company and Association Moves

Project Outdoor-Chicago has ‘integrated’ with Van Wagner Outdoor.
See the full story here⇒ 
 Is Van Wagner Outdoor Back? —Project Outdoor-Chicago ‘integrated’




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