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OOH Employment Trends

2 Ways OOH Can Reduce Turn-over

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by Casey Binkley, CEO at Movia Media

Turnover happens. New opportunities come up. People want to return to school, start a family, or move to another city. But sometimes, there is a larger shift at play. It could be new management, a downturn in the economy or, as we’ve recently learned, a global pandemic; and it results in employees leaving en masse.

The Great Resignation

The last two years shook up everyone’s lives. And many are reassessing their priorities. A recent Gallup analysis noted that “48% of workers are either looking for a new job or actively considering it.” While sectors like retail and hospitality have been seeing the highest quit rates, OOH and advertising industries are not immune to these changes in thinking and attitudes.

Why They Are Ready to Walk

Image Source: cottonbro from Pexels

A major reason why employees have begun leaving their jobs, has to do with how they’re treated. As this Guardian article notes,

Foremost, workers are taking decisions to leave based on how their employers treated them – or didn’t treat them – during the pandemic. Ultimately, workers stayed at companies that offered support, and darted from those that didn’t.

Unsurprisingly, those that treat their employees poorly pay the price when their staff walk out the door. But even exemplary employers can learn a lesson from this.

What OOH Companies Can Learn From This

There are two main ways that OOH companies can reduce potential turn-over.

  1. Be Flexible- Offer employees the ability to create a work schedule that suits their needs. Where possible, offer remote or hybrid positions.
  2. Offer Support- 800,000 people were lost over the pandemic. Covid’s effects on individuals, families, and the economy will be years-long. Invest in better and more relevant benefits for staff. Mental health days, childcare days, and sick days can keep a top performer from quitting, or worse…going to the competition.

While the pandemic continues to surprise us, we can learn valuable lessons for the future of our staff. By staying on top of how society is coping, looking at what competing companies are offering, and asking our employees how they are feeling on a regular basis, we can not only keep our most valuable players, we can future-proof and grow our business.

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