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OOH Agency Today – Encompass Media Group

Flawlessly Executed Advertising Campaigns

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dry-cleaning bags for their show, Narcos


OOH Agency Today – Encompass Media Group
Flawlessly Executed Advertising Campaigns





by Will Farmer
OOH Today
Media and Communications Manager


EMG Media Group, is an Out of Home Media company founded in 2000, with more than 20 exclusive media properties that break through the clutter of advertising. EMG provides the opportunity to connect with consumers in every DMA in the United States. EMG has been a recipient of numerous awards and has been included as an INC 500 company, a Winner of an IT LIST Award for its event marketing division, and a winner of the US Chamber of Commerce Blue Ribbon Award. Encompass’ corporate headquarters is in Long Island City. The principals of the company are Adam Pierce and Don Winter.

We spoke to Jeri Colligan, the VP of SE Sales for EMG. She discussed advertising through pizza boxes and laundry bags, as well as business in the age of Covid.  Here’s what she had to say:


Interview with Jeri Colligan, VP of Southeastern Sales at EMG



Will Farmer: Please tell us about Encompass Media Group. How long have you been in bu­­­­siness? Staffing? Size? Specialties? Billing? Regional Offices?

Jeri Colligan: Encompass Media Group (EMG) is a nationally scaled multi-media company that has been around since 2001. For almost twenty years, co-founders Adam Pierce and Don Winter, have built one of the largest field forces in North America allowing EMG to activate in over 400 markets. EMG strives to create impressions that resonate with consumers with the principle being that all impressions are not created equal.

The EMG philosophy is to invest heavily in operations and technology to ensure that program executions exceed our client’s expectations. As a result of our thorough execution, EMG has experienced double digit growth annually since inception. EMG’s corporate headquarters is in Long Island City, NY. Staff includes roughly 50 employees and hundreds of field representatives.

WF: What would you like brands and the OOH Industry to know about your shop?

JC: Most importantly, we want to be viewed as a resource to the advertising community, agencies and clients. EMG has put together over 25 exclusive out-of-home platforms that reach the consumer at different touchpoints throughout their day, week or month.

We can get into the home, hand, or reach the consumer on the go in relevant places such as the pharmacy, convenience store, doctors’ office, grocery store, laundry mat, and many other important destinations.

In addition, we have an experiential department. Encompass Events creates experiences for brands through mobile tours, PR stunts, installations and engaging brand teams. We integrate social media, mobile applications and video to make programs reach an extended audience and last long after the actual event has ended.

WF: Do you work with clients directly and/or through agencies? What is the percentage breakdown?

JC: EMG works with both agencies and clients direct. The breakdown is around 60% agency driven and 40% client direct. 

WF: Any comments or suggestions for OOH reps in approaching or working with your company?

JC: EMG co-founders, Adam Pierce and Don Winter, are extremely hands-on and involved in all aspects to ensure customer satisfaction. Everyone at EMG has to have the ability to work independently with strong communication capabilities and organizational skills to maintain the fast-paced environment.

Speaking as someone who recently joined EMG, I can verify the onboarding process is thorough and the staff is very supportive. We’re currently hiring for a real estate representative in NY and we’re always looking for talented sales professionals for business development.

WF: What differentiates your business from others?

JC: What makes EMG unique is that we have tremendous scale with over 500K different locations, and we can also be extremely targeted (geographically and demographically). EMG can help brands target by zip code, household income, neighborhood specific, radius around key locations and ethnicity.

Additionally, we’re constantly evolving – EMG continues to develop new media platforms that provide unique opportunities for advertisers to make an impactful impression. For example, we just added an exclusive Pet Store Network that is gaining popularity. We develop new networks based on where we see opportunities to engage consumers.

What I love most about EMG’s offerings is that we have a so many creative solutions for brands to stand out against all the clutter and execute truly memorable campaigns. Netflix took advantage of our unique dry-cleaning bags for their show, Narcos. The creative message was “we love laundering”. Who doesn’t enjoy a comedic and witty message?

WF: How do you obtain new business? Please share new business contact information.

JC: Our team of diverse sales professionals utilizes its long-standing relationships in the industry to drive new business. Most of our new business is obtained through referrals or word of mouth, however we are constantly identifying new opportunities and collaborating with clients to find marketing solutions.

WF: Discuss or share OOH campaigns by your shop.

JC: EMG’s clients include many fortune 500 companies like AT&T, Google, Facebook, Netflix, and VISA. We also have many regional businesses such as Anthem Health, NY Lottery, NJ Transit, Verizon, and local businesses such as stores with new openings, entertainment centers and many others.


One of our most unforgettable campaigns was an experiential event for The Walking Dead where brand ambassadors were dressed as zombies, lurking around a large branded truck in New York City. It’s hard to narrow them down since we have over 400 campaign executions a year!




WF: Discuss relevant OOH campaigns that have resulted from the pandemic.

JC: As people are sheltering in place this year, we’ve seen a tremendous demand for branded pizza boxes, takeout/delivery bag inserts, and door hangers which reach consumers at-home. We recently ran a program in NY with digital mobile billboards and brand ambassadors, who passed out hand sanitizer and face masks to pedestrians. It was a huge social distancing success!

EMG placed various media in several network locations to thank first responders, those who despite the risks of this crisis, are going about their work with dedication and courage.

We’ve also executed various tactics for disseminating Covid messaging (e.g. safety, testing, resources) on formats such as static and digital mobile billboards and convenience store one-sheets. In addition to the global pandemic, EMG has been a vital part of 2020 in regards to helping get the message out about completing the 2020 Census, voting early for the election, driver safety and breast cancer awareness.

WF: What is the most memorable new business pitch?

JC: The most memorable pitch and campaigns we’ve executed was for Amazon Prime Video. Through a multi-layered approach we branded pizza boxes with a social component and placed out-facing signage at thousands of retail locations.

My colleague, Rachel Woodney Stein, was responsible for the pitch and did a spectacular job relaying how our media platforms are a perfect fit for Amazon to promote their video offerings and particularly the hit shows, The Boys and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

WF: What does the future of your business and OOH hold in these uncertain times?

JC: I’m thankful to be part of a company that can help marketers during troubling times, and also be there with proven marketing solutions when the economy is reviving itself, like we’re seeing now. I’m delighted to see an increase in requests for networks like our beauty salons and barber shops, restaurants, bars and airports.

I have nothing but optimism for the future since I believe in the power of OOH and know it’s essential to advertisers. EMG is having a record-breaking year and we plan to carry that momentum into the new year.

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Marketing & Advertising

Company size
11-50 employees

Long Island City, NY

Privately Held


Event/Experiential Marketing, Travel Networks, Digital Networks, Location Media Networks, Multicultural Marketing, out of home media, Mobile Network, Door Hangers, In-Home, In-Office, Nightlife, Coffee, Convenience Stores, Pizza Box Advertising, Convenience Store Advertising, Pharmacy Advertising Bag, Coffee sleeve advertising, and Gas station advertising

Donw@emgmediainc.com or Adamp@emgmediainc.com. 


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