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Norris Outdoor – OOH Owner Today

From Newspapers to Billboards

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OOH Owner Today –Norris Outdoor Advertising


by Will Farmer
Media and Communications Manager, OOH Today

Norris Outdoor Advertising takes pride in helping their clients have a clean, unique design to properly brand your company and bring in business. Billboards are a form of visual art and a unique marketing arm of your business. Your design should focus on gaining the attention of a potential customer. Consider a deal or items you can offer that separates you from a competitor. It’s all about communication, educating the public on what you do or how you can help meet a need with a product or service.

Think about the advantages you have that others don’t (or that others aren’t talking about) and communicate that message as briefly as possible. You can have the best message in the world, don’t let it get lost in a cluttered ad. An attractive design and brief written copy are a must. DESIGN IS EVERYTHING and Norris Outdoor can help. Norris Outdoor Advertising has a full design staff with over 25 years of combined experience.

We spoke to Jerod Norris, owner of Norris Outdoor. He talked about his excitement surrounding the growth of his company and out of home, as well as his appreciation for his employees. Here’s what he had to say:

Q&A with Jerod Norris
Owner of Norris Outdoor Advertising




Will Farmer: Why are you in the OOH business?

Jerod Norris: Advertising. I came from the printing industry and actually got into OOH because I had started my own newspaper. Of which required me to resign from a previous position. In order to build the newspaper business, we built our first billboard in Girard, KS, in 2013…the goal was to build a few billboards to replace the income I had given up. OOH quickly transformed into the sole focus of the company. We sold the newspaper just over a year ago and are working on our 45th billboard location with over 125 faces. We’ve acquired several locations over the years; however, the majority of our growth has been building new structures organically.

Without the support of my wife and family, I would have never been able to pursue any business opportunities. Getting started, we built wooden structures and I’d pay my dad and cousins, who are in the construction business to build our first several billboards. For the past 5-6 years we’ve transitioned to steel only. I help in any way I can without getting in the way, including vinyl installs and new build outs.

WF: What is keeping you in it?

JN: What keeps me in the business is the challenge of growing a company and continuing to build the relationships we have with our advertisers and landowners. We built Norris Outdoor from scratch and although we’ve been in the business for 8 years, I feel like we’re really just getting started. Samantha Guy is our first full-time employee and is responsible for Sales & Business Development. She deserves a ton of credit for the recent growth of our company. She and everyone that works with us is like family and we treat them as such. We’ve gone from renting a small office space, to purchasing and renovating an old service station with shop space, making it our own full-time office.


Jerod Norris (right) and Samantha Guy (middle) receive Girard Area Chamber of Commerce 2020 Business of the Year award

WF: What is the greatest success or satisfaction you receive from owning OOH?

JN: Seeing employees have success is the best satisfaction that I receive. Also satisfying is when we build new displays, we are happy to use local contractors and businesses in each market we’re in. The greatest successes I would say are a couple of things. I’m very happy that we continue to organically grow the business. What comes with that is the success of our advertisers. We enjoy helping happy customers that utilize a catchy ad that we designed and seeing that campaign drive revenue to their business. It’s rewarding to have a customer that just wanted to “try billboards” and turning them into full OOH believers!



WF: What are some of your goals continuing into 2021?

Continue to organically grow the business while reviewing any opportunities that may come along for acquisitions that align with our vision.

WF: How do you obtain new business?

Of course, we’re always looking for acquisitions that will help us grow. For advertisers we use our billboards to let them know of space availability. We also communicate through our website and Facebook page, and leave behind brochures, anything we can do to let them know of OOH opportunities in their market. In regard to new locations, it’s as simple as identifying the right location, and picking up a phone to make introductions. We’ve also used land wanted newspaper ads in the past that targeted certain markets. That campaign got us quite a few contacts with prospective landowners.

WF: Please share new business contact information.

Samantha Guy (Sales/Business Development) samantha@norrisoutdoor.com
Website: norrisoutdoor.com Phone: 620-724-4719

  • Headquarters: Girard, KS
  • Markets: Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Arkansas



Marketing & Advertising

Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Arkansas

Girard, KS




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