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NDS celebrates 50 years in OOH Industry One Door at a Time

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NDS doorhangers… Reaching people, you can’t afford to miss!

Chicago, IL – National Distribution Systems (NDS) proudly celebrates 50 years of experience in OOH direct marketing through unique doorhanger advertising campaigns!  Throughout these wonderful years we printed and delivered doorhangers nationwide, helping numerous companies reach their goal of brand awareness and ultimately increasing sales.

Nowadays, more and more companies are relying on “spamming” ads on the internet, making it harder than ever to get your message into the hands and the eyes of the potential consumer! The good news is that NDS offers an alternative that can help you beat the competition. Our doorhanger advertising method features your ad as a “mini billboard” on every household door.

What makes our service effective is that we work closely with our clients to target their ideal market and based on their criteria (from zip codes, census tracts, to specific demographics) delivery areas are selected. Our individual placement of the doorhangers on the front doors of households gives maximum exposure to your ad.  Consequently, residents take the doorhanger advertising physically in their hands. Yes, that’s right! No swiping or closing the digital ad, plus no competition with others for attention. Doorhangers break through digital clutter!

Doorhangers not only boost readership incredibly, but also have a longer life span, because they are printed.  In an article published by Harvard Business Review, “Why Marketers Are Returning to Traditional Advertising”, it simply says that “the MarketingSherpa survey found that the top five most trusted advertising formats are all traditional, with 82% of customers trusting most print advertising, when making a purchasing decision”.

About NDS
Our story started with our founder working in the grocery industry, where he often found the challenge to boost sales and move product rapidly for multiple stores throughout the year.  In 1973 National Distribution Systems was founded, with the vision and mission to get advertising messages directly to consumers homes quickly through unique and beautiful doorhangers.  Our doorhanger media was so effective and was generating results immediately that soon more industries started integrating doorhanger advertising in their marketing mix. Since, then NDS has implemented successful doorhanger campaigns for companies such as AT&T, Loyola Medicine, Simon Malls, Walmart, US Bank, Meijer, Subway, Albertsons, Target, McDonalds, Marshalls, Ulta, Comcast, Macys, Amazon, to name a few. Doorhangers have been tested against other advertising medium with great results!!!

Please visit NDS’s web site for more information: www.ndsondoor.com. Feel free to call us at 773-975-8300 any time for quote requests, media kits or to speak to someone direct.

Harvard Business Review, “Why Marketers Are Returning to Traditional Advertising”, by Christine Moorman, Megan Ryan, and Nader Tavassoli, April 29, 2022, https://hbr.org/2022/04/why-marketers-are-returning-to-traditional-advertising
Marketing Sherpa website, “Marketing Chart: Which advertising channels consumers trust most and least when making purchases”, by Daniel Burstein, January 03, 2017, https://www.marketingsherpa.com/article/chart/channels-customers-trust-most-when-purchasing

For more information call 773.957.8300 www.NDSondoor.com info@ndsondoor.com

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