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It’s National Day Of Unplugging —OOH is ‘always on’

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National Day Of Unplugging

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by Anthony (A.J.) Cioffi
Marketing Coordinator, Geopath



Today marks the start of the “National Day Of Unplugging,” an awareness campaign that promotes a 24-hour respite from technology. If you’re reading this, don’t worry its not too late to join in – after reading this Fast Fact of course! 

Given the massive jump in digital and remote work integration many of us have experienced over the past year, a national day of unplugging may be needed more than ever. 2020 saw 88% of organizations worldwide mandate or encourage their employees to work from home at some point due to COVID-19. Although many are starting to return to working in person, digital connections now seem to be an even larger part of our lives than before. 

As people put down their phones, turn off their TVs, and enjoy non-digital activities today, we felt it best to acknowledge a medium you can’t turn off, Out of Home! While other media formats lose audiences when devices are turned off, OOH advertising offers a medium that can’t be ignored. OOH is “always on,” reaching potential consumers as they go about their daily lives, including audiences that are very dependent on their cell phones and TV!  

According to a recent study by Simmons, 77% of those that report “their cell phone connects me to the world” report noticing an OOH advertisement in the last 30 days – 11% more likely to than the total US population! Additionally, 3 in 4 of those that report they “need to be connected to the internet from the moment I wake up until the moment I go to sleep” state that they have noticed an OOH advertisement in the last 30 days, 7% more likely to than the total population!  

So, with that said, put down your phone or close your laptop when you have the chance, and go outside and enjoy nature or your favorite hobby. While you’re out, make sure to take notice of the OOH ads all around you as well! 

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